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2.27.09 – (LAA) – Deadlines Approach on Options for Mitigating Possible Furloughs, Negotiations Update, Scheduling Quick Quizzes, Elections for Base Representation, Care Management Rollout, Note to Reserves with Volunteer to Fly Assignments, Vacation Bidd

You have reached the APFA weekly HotLine update for Friday, February 27, 2009. This is Frank Bastien, National Communications Coordinator.


On Wednesday, February 25, American Airlines made official their intent to furlough up to 410 of our most junior members on April 1, 2009, unless that number can be reduced or eliminated through the usual voluntary means available through Article 16 of our contract and/or by those eligible Flight Attendants electing the re-offering of the Travel Separation Program.

Barely more than a weekís time was allowed for Flight Attendants who may be willing or able to elect one of the choices which can reduce the number of potential job losses and keep flying those members who desire to do so.

The APFA website has been updated with as much documentation the company has made available, along with questions and answers about the various programs and how Overage Leaves, Partnerships and the Travel Separation Programs work. If you are interested in one of these options, or know of someone who is and might be on vacation or currently on leave and who might not hear of their availability, please make them aware.

Thursday night, March 5 at 11 p.m. central time is the deadline for eligible Flight Attendants to elect the Travel Separation Program, permitting unlimited D2 travel for either 5 years or 10 years depending on company seniority. The program involves resignation from American on a permanent basis and is elected through a Jetnet ballot linked to from the Flight Service website. This program particularly targets those considering resigning from AA but who do not meet the eligibility criteria for Retirement or Article 30. Review the information available on the APFA and Jetnet websites and please contact an APFA Contract Rep-on-Duty at headquarters extension 8171 if you have questions about this program.

Friday, March 6 at 9 a.m. central is the deadline for submitting a ballot for an Overage Leave or Partnership Flying. Overage Leaves of Absence (OLOA), which include Occupational (Bidding) Seniority and travel for the duration of the leaves are being proffered effective with the contractual month of April 2009, and are being offered in key and auxiliary blocks. Those currently on Overage Leave and wishing to extend their current return date may also submit a ballot. Please review the documentation on our site and contact a Contract Rep-on-Duty if you have questions on how to make an Overage Leave work for you.

Partnership Flying will again be made available and the Partner Finder is active on the APFA website. Several were awarded in the last round and those with questions not answered in the documentation on the Leaves/Partnerships section of our website may contact a Scheduling Rep-on-Duty at headquarters extension 8161. Remember the ballot deadline of 9:00 a.m. central time on Friday, March 6.

Web contact forms are available for our Scheduling and Contract Reps through the Contact link or the respective department pages of Website login is required.

Those Flight Attendants among the 410 potential furloughed may submit ballots for an Overage Leave or Partnership Flying in the event enough awards are granted to those not on the possible furlough list to permit revoking of their potential furlough status. Again, contact one of our Reps if you have any questions.

While in discussions with American over this current overage, and understanding the continued hardships on our current 1,177 members on furlough, APFAís Board was able to obtain a two-year extension of recall rights for those now furloughed. Achieved outside of the current contractual bargaining, this extension was attained with unilateral benefit to our members and with no concession to AA. Our continued hope is that all our furloughed members can return to flying as soon as possible. A special Travel Separation Program specifically for those presently furloughed who wish to separate from the recall list is being offered by the company. Those affected will receive a mailed communication directly from AA.

Thank you for calling the APFA HotLine.

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APFA Negotiating Team subcommittees met internally this week in preparation for the continuation of mediated talks with the company on Tuesday, March 10, in Atlanta. The Team will travel to Atlanta following the APFA Annual Board of Directors Convention which will be held this year in Boston, March 5 ñ 8, at the Westin Copley Place. Members in good standing are welcome to attend all open portions of the Board Convention.

The Team continues to seek your opinion on several scheduling matters through a short opinion survey available through March 5 via a link on the main page of Though website login is not required, you will reach the survey link through our Member Services screen. If you have trouble signing into this section, please return to the APFA Survey page through the main page link and follow the instructions to order a personalized survey link.

Please remember you may always send your thoughts, comments and questions about issues that concern you directly to the Negotiating Team. Use their email address at: or complete the online contact form ìTell Your Team What You Wantî from the Negotiations page at:


Test your Contract IQ by taking one of the latest APFA Quick Quizzes. With both Domestic and International versions, the quizzes focus on some very common Scheduling questions and scenarios. Have your On-Duty Contract Guide (ODCG) handy to find the answers. The link to the quizzes is on the main page.


Ballots have been counted for Base Representational elections held at: IDF, IOR, JFK, LGA, RDU-I and STL and results were announced via a HotLine message by the National Ballot Committee. Check the Elections and Balloting page under the Departments menu of the APFA website for complete results as they are made available.


With the advent of 2009, AAís new Care Management program, ìHealthmatters,î will be available to all employees and their families. This program is compliant with governmental patient privacy regulations (HIPAA) and is completely optional. All employees will receive a phone call as a way of introducing them to the programs that are available. Some examples of the programs include: an online health risk assessment, lifestyle management programs such as weight management and smoking cessation, maternity management, assistance for employees who are dealing with chronic or complex conditions, and a nurse line for health related questions and concerns. More information about this program is available on the Benefits page of Jetnet.


For those Reserve Flight Attendants who receive a VTF assignment under the test program (whether an actual sequence or the 4-hour minimum), the additional pay will not be reflected on your HI1 as “above the guarantee.” However, as long as the the sequence flown is coded “RU,” or the 4-hour minimum VTF pay (if applicable) is indicated, the correct pay calculation should take place. (Please note that when the 4-hour minimum applies, it may take up to a week to be reflected on your HI1). As with other incentive pay, the VTF hours above Reserve guarantee will be paid in the final paycheck of the subsequent month. Please check your ePays statement carefully if you are due this payment.

Only a few weeks remain in the Volunteer to Fly (VTF) trial being conducted at the bases of DFW, IDF, DCA and DCA-I. The data gathered from the 60-day test will allow your Negotiating Team to examine its potential impact on both reserve numbers and the ability to earn extra pay for Line Holders and Reserves alike. Important information on the program for Flight Attendants at the test bases is available through the APFA website. Go to the Negotiations page and view, download or print the VTF documents linked to at the very top of the page.


Bidding for the 2009/2010 vacations opened February 13. Here is the timeline (all times are central):

— Primary round bidding opened 1700, February 13
— Primary round bidding closes 0800, March 9
— Primary round results posted (in HI10) by 1700, March 14

— Secondary round bidding opens 1700, March 15
— Secondary round bidding closes 0800, March 23
— Secondary round results posted (in HI10) by 1700, March 30

If you have questions on vacation bidding, please contact an APFA Contract Rep-on-Duty at headquarters extension 8171.


The APFA Treasurer reminds those Flight Attendants currently on or who will be going out on an Overage Leave that you remain dues obligated during the leave. Once you return from your leave, if you have not prepaid your dues or paid monthly throughout your leave, you will have sixty (60) days to set up a payment plan for the dues accrued and owed. This payment plan must result in payment of your dues accrued during the leave in a time period no longer than twice the length of your leave. It is easier to prepay your dues upfront, or to leave a credit card on file for monthly billing. You will still receive a monthly statement. Make your arrangements via email to the Dues Department at:, or call headquarters extension 8154.

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