Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

3.10.09 – (LAA) – Special Message from Laura Glading

This is APFA President Laura Glading with a Special APFA HotLine update for Tuesday, March 10.

Today the company announced the results of the Overage Leave, Partnership Flying and Travel Separation Program proffers which were offered to reduce or eliminate the possibility of furlough.

While we are pleased that there were still some of our members not already off payroll who were able to take advantage of these options it was not enough to offset the furlough. Regrettably this will result in the furlough of 323 of our members effective April 1, 2009.

The most senior Flight Attendant who will be furloughed has a current DECS seniority number of 16900. These members were only recently recalled back to active status and of course this will be most devastating for them. Our heart goes out to our members who will soon be without income, active coverage for health benefits and the career they love.

This furlough will have a further negative impact for all APFA members as it will prolong the period of stagnation which results in increasingly senior reserve lists and limited transfer opportunities

Rest assured APFA will do all possible to assist our members who are about to be furloughed. Please refer to the Furlough page of the APFA website for information as it becomes available, including recent changes to the Federal legislation — part of the stimulus package — which will help cushion the costs associated with COBRA health care coverage. One of the provisions provides a government subsidy of 65% of the cost of COBRA coverage.

APFA has also worked with the company to reoffer the voluntary Travel Separation Program to the 323 Flight Attendants being furloughed. The company will be sending a personal notice to each of these Flight Attendants. Those no longer subject to furlough will receive a letter from the company via Fed Ex as well.

Our base and headquarters representatives remain available to assist our members affected by this reduction.



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