4.01.09 – (LAA) – Special Announcement from the APFA National Officers

A special announcement from the APFA National Officers

Today, April 1, marks a day of some significant changes in our Organization. First, our list of furloughed APFA members increases by over 300. While up to 410 potential furloughs were announced by the Company on February 25 – and while voluntary measures ultimately lessened the total number of job losses – we all can agree that even one furlough is too many. The goal of your APFA leadership remains to see all furloughed members return to their careers, to see flying opportunities increase for everyone and to see the specter of furloughs eliminated for good.

While the furlough list is increasing in size today, we were pleased to see a significant number of those with recall rights accept the Voluntary Travel Separation in the proffer which closed Monday night. 235 furloughed members are taking this option, and though it means removal from the recall list, it also means that these members will receive some valuable benefit for their service.

April 1 also marks the start of a new fiscal year at APFA. As explained in earlier HotLines and in reports from the Annual Board Convention – and as will be detailed more fully in the spring issue of Skyword now in the printing and mailing phase – budget adjustments required in the face of our shrinking workforce go into effect today. While our new budget shores up the funding vital to continuing our number one task of negotiating a new working agreement, it necessitated some reductions in all other areas, including our Headquarters staffing. This means decreasing the number of reps available to serve you when you call in. We ask your patience if you experience longer wait times when phoning Headquarters.

We encourage you to carry the On-Duty Contract Guide (click here), to access the resources on the website and to use email for non-urgent questions and inquiries. Remember that your Base Chairs, Vice Chairs and Council Reps – though facing budget cuts, too – are trained and available to assist you and are most familiar with issues at your base. APFA Division Reps are another source for you when seeking assistance in resolving issues. Despite our fiscal belt tightening, we will continue to focus on providing you the services you need most, at both at the local and national levels.

To all those leaving active flying today, we hope to welcome you back on the line very soon. For those who are remaining, please keep our furloughed colleagues in mind as you work your trips. As APFA members, we all share the same desire for financial security and a proud dedication to our profession.

In Unity,

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