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5.29.09 – (LAA) – Mediation Concluded, Membership Outreach Meetings, Negotiations Update, Travel Safety, FAA Alert, FAA Certficiation Card, Mexico Service Reductions Update, International Crew Clearance

This is APFA President Laura Glading with a Special Update for Saturday, May 30.

Mediation concluded in Washington D.C. last night and, although we were able to sign off on Article 10 – Reserve, the company continues to demonstrate that they are unwilling to give us the contract we deserve. We are disappointed, yet determined to continue our fight to secure a long overdue contract.

It is clear the company does not believe in the resolve of our members.

Together, we must prove them wrong!

Your role in our effort will be defined at the Membership Outreach Meetings in June.

Please Visit for the schedule of meetings. Thank you.



Mark your calendars and don’t forget to attend one of the Membership Outreach meetings scheduled to begin June 5. During these base visits, Laura and members of the negotiating team will either bring you a tentative agreement, or announce strategies to step up membership involvement in putting pressure on American Airlines to secure the equitable agreement that we deserve.

Details of times and locations are listed on the APFA website or on Base bulletin boards.


Mediated sessions resumed in Washington, D.C. on May 27 following a full Team meeting on May 26. At the time of this hotline, mediation was still in session.

APFA praised last week’s Senate confirmation of Linda Puchala to the National Mediation Board (NMB). Linda has over 30 years of experience in Labor Relations, including serving as president of the Association of Flight Attendants from 1979 to 1986. Linda’s experience as a mediator working on airline cases, her commitment to workers’ rights and to the collective bargaining process will no doubt help to restore integrity and fairness at the NMB.

“We applaud the Senate on the confirmation of Linda Puchala,” said President Laura Glading. “She brings a wealth of experience in labor relations in the aviation and railway industries and a real commitment to workers” rights and the collective bargaining process. Laura continued her statement by saying, “I have had the pleasure of working personally with Linda and she will be a strong addition to the NMB. This is the first step in turning back the clock on the anti-worker mentality of the Bush-era NMB over the last eight years.”


Recently, crewmembers have reported theft of luggage and personal belongings from hotel lobbies in both Domestic and International locations. With summer travel in full force and a rise in tourism, hotels are being targeted by organized theft rings hoping to take advantage of unsuspecting travelers. APFA encourages members to be aware of your surroundings and exercise security precautions at all times while on duty – not just at layover hotels – but wherever you go in Domestic and International cities.


The APFA Safety and Security Coordinator has been made aware that the FAA will be in LAX on June 2 conducting manual checks. In addition, between June 2 and June 5, the FAA will be traveling on American Airlines between LAX and NYC conducting full FAR cabin compliance checks. Be prepared for random manual checks during this timeframe in both LAX and NYC. Ensure your manual is up-to-date and, as always, strictly adhere to all federal aviation regulations while working your trips.


Flight Attendants are not required to carry the FAA certification card but should carry a copy of their card in their manual. If an inspector asks to see the card you may provide them the copy to keep, but never the actual card. If a Flight Attendant has a name change, they can go to the FAA website at and update the information free of charge. If a new card is requested, the Flight Attendant must pay a $2.00 fee to have the new card mailed to them. Flight Attendants can not be fined for carrying a non-current Flight Attendant Certification Card. The Flight Attendant Certification Card does not have a stipulation for civil penalty attached to it.


It is vital that every member stay informed and engaged as we work towards a new agreement. We showed the company and the public what we can accomplish as a unified force over 15 years ago. Every member must be prepared to do her and his part in actions planned by your Union. Your voice is needed in this battle with the company for improved compensation and work rules.

You can start by ensuring you have the most up-to-date information on file with APFA. If you have moved or changed your phone number or email address, please update your information with APFA. InfoReps have finished their calls to members to verify contact numbers and emails. If you did not receive a call, or anytime your information changes, please contact the Membership Department, use the Member Services link on our website, or email:


Members are reporting positive results to the companyís pledge to relax the “traffic light” rules in the Trip Trade with Open Time (TTOT) system. The traffic lights were relaxed in an effort to increase flexibility and maximize the ability to make-up hours in the face of schedule reductions that were made in our Mexico flying due to swine flu.

Remember to refer to the current working agreement regarding procedures to be followed in the event your schedule is affected by the Mexico service reductions currently running through June 10. The Articles to reference are 9.E.3 for your obligation and 9.K for your rights to access open time and pre-plot a trip.

Please contact an APFA Scheduling Rep on Duty if you have any questions. Call 817.540.0108 ext. 8161.

See Letter of Agreement dated May 15 with additional Flight Attendant options for partial sequence cancellations.


All crew members flying through foreign stations need to remember that security screening procedures upon departure may differ substantially from those in U.S. cities. They reflect the laws of that nation, which may be more stringent in areas concerning, for example: what may be carried aboard, blood alcohol limits, and personal rights if challenged.

Crew members passing through crew security at LHR – our largest foreign station – should be fully aware of the laws and the procedures in the event of a suspected violation.

The actual legal reference for the UK is the Railways and Transportation Safety Act of 2003, Part 5, viewable through this link:

Should you feel that yourself, or another crew member, may be suspected of any violation, you should coordinate your action and response with the Purser and the Captain before reaching the security clearance area.

Contact your Base Representatives or APFA’s EAP Department (email: with details of any incident you encounter. Your APFA Reps are excellent resources for those flying to unfamiliar destinations and facing unfamiliar procedures. Ask before you go and be aware of your responsibilities and your rights.


The APFA has become aware of a concerted effort by flight service and the company’s security department to monitor Flight Attendants who have been notified of missing liquor deposits. We have confirmed the security department is monitoring liquor safe locations and observing targeted Flight Attendants making liquor deposits.

In addition, AA security is doing onboard rides monitoring targeted Flight Attendants. Some tactics have included the use of marked money, observation of individual FA sales and discreetly observing the Flight Attendant making scheduled deposits. At the completion of the trip, crews are being held and interviewed. Should you be involved in an investigation, contact APFA immediately.

Should you have questions or concerns on liquor procedures, information is available in your inflight manual. You may also contact your APFA representative with specific questions.

The Wings Foundation has a website with information on base contact numbers, donation forms and assistance requests. Go to:

Please remember our 1,261 APFA members on furlough and awaiting recall.

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