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6.12.09 – (LAA) – Onboard Retail Sales Without a Contract, Onboard Sales Membership Poll


Untitled DocumentThis is Frank Bastien, National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA Weekly HotLine update for Friday, June 12, 2009.

Onboard Retail Sales without a contract! How many do YOU think will really do it?

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American, along with other major carriers, continues to report falling bookings for the future. Just this week AMR CEO Gerard Arpey announced a further capacity cut of 1% in addition to the cuts already implemented or planned. In conjunction with this announcement, the Company has provided notice that 1,200 Flight Attendants will be advised through WARN letters of potential furlough effective October 1, 2009. As in the past, Overage Leaves and Partnership Flying under Article 16 will be proffered to help reduce any final furlough number. The Company is also reoffering the Travel Separation Program to eligible Flight Attendants. Full details of this program and the proffers will be available through Jetnet and the Flight Service website and will be duplicated on when reviewed and available.

APFA is extremely disappointed that the company is taking this measure. Your Leadership has pressed, and will continue to press, the company to provide maximum opportunity to those members who wish to reduce their flying – through leaves, partnerships or retirement – in order to preserve the jobs of as many members as possible.

As APFA President Laura Glading addressed a special HotLine update to members regarding this latest round of cutbacks: “If you frequently drop your entire schedule or selected trips, or if you are otherwise in a position to reduce your flying through leaves or partnerships – or even through retirement – we encourage you to inform yourself of the options and, in electing one, save a job of a fellow member in this difficult time.”

The complete special HotLine update is posted on the APFA website at:


This week, President Laura Glading, members of the APFA Negotiating Team and local Base Reps held Membership Outreach Meetings at Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Members attending have been very responsive to the topics addressed by President Glading and the Team regarding the current state of negotiations and the call to APFA members to join in the next step in our fight for a new and improved contract.

In conjunction with the meetings, which will continue at remaining base cities through July 1, the APFA Negotiating Team has re-launched the Pins and Wings campaign as a way for members to demonstrate their unity of purpose and show management that we stand together. Wear only your Union pin and Wings and any required nametag on your uniform. Replace a lost APFA pin by sending an email request with your name, base, employee number and current address to: See for the complete meeting schedule.

We must all be prepared to increase our collective pressure on the company to reach a deal. APFA is ready now! While we remain mired in our decimated pay, benefits and work rules – sacrificed to bail out the Company in 2003 – management realizes far more than the $340 million per year agreed upon. Every day adds another approximately $1 million to their money chest – to feed their executive bonuses – all on the backs of their front line, onboard safety professionals.

Enough is enough and the time for a new agreement is now! While the Outreach Meetings continue, APFA prepares to meet in two full-week federally-mediated bargaining sessions, in Dallas starting July 20 and Washington, DC starting July 27.


All members have been mailed a copy of the recent HI6 from Flight Service announcing their unilateral implantation of Onboard Retail Sales programs, including SkyMall sales and Heathrow Express Train tickets, despite the APFA’s insistence that these issues fall within ” the form and amount of [our] pay [and are] subject to collective bargaining “

APFA is your exclusive bargaining agent and the APFA demands that AA “withdraw these programs until they are made part of a new collective bargaining agreement.” Please return your copy of the HI6 marked “NEGOTIATE IT” to your Flight Service Manager any way you can, as soon as possible.

Copies of the HI6 and of the Union’s response letter are available on the APFA website. (or download here)


While we ramp up our fight for a new agreement in the face of the company’s foot-dragging, it is vital that every member stay informed and engaged. Each member must be prepared to do her and his part in actions planned by your Union. Your voice is needed in this battle with the company for improved compensation and work rules.

Be sure you have the most up-to-date information on file with APFA. If you have moved or changed your phone number or email address, please update your information with your Union. Use the Member Services link on our website, or email:

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As we face another potential furlough of a significant number of colleagues, keep in mind that there are 1,258 APFA members now on furlough and awaiting recall.

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