7.31.09 – (LAA) – Show Our Unity, APFA and Company Meet in 2nd Week-Long Mediated Bargaining Session, Legislation Action Alerts, Retriement Seminar, Onboard Retail Sales Poll

APFA weekly HotLine update for Friday, July 31, 2009.


  • Show our Unity! Wear only your APFA Pin and Wings!
  • APFA and company meet in second week-long mediated bargaining session.
  • Legislation Action Alerts: email your Senators on two important bills. (details below)
  • Retirement Seminar at DFW – 0900 on August 3. (details below)
  • Taken our Quick Polls yet? Voice your opinion on Onboard Retail Sales. (click here)


On Monday of this week, your APFA Negotiating Team commenced the second of two week-long bargaining sessions with American management – mediated by the NMB – in Washington, DC. This followed a full week of bargaining in Dallas last week and the previous week’s preparation of proposals and the crafting and review of Tentative Agreement (TA) language.

While your Team continues the hard bargaining for improved pay, work rules and benefits, all members need to show the company that we stand unified behind our Team and our Union. As the company negotiators travel to and from talks and as members of management come into contact with our members, they need to see our unity on your lapel in the form of Pins and Wings. It sounds simple and it is. Heed your Negotiators’ call for moving your memorial pins, service pins, flags, etc. to your serving garment and proudly show only your APFA pin and wings (and any required nametag) on your jacket. The company sees non-participation as your satisfaction with the status quo. Are you happy with your current pay, work rules and benefits? They think we’ve given up and have forgotten – or just accepted – that they took care of themselves all these years with big bonuses while we continue to sacrifice.

Remember, your Negotiating Team is your voice and needs 100 percent compliance. If you are not wearing just Pins and Wings then you are not displaying your unity with your fellow members and your Union!

If you need a replacement pin, please email: member@apfa.org or call headquarters ext. 8153 (817.540.0108). Provide your name, employee number, base and address information. Many Base Reps (Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons and Council Reps) carry extra pins, as do many members. If you need one, ask for one. If you have extras, give one to someone not yet showing our unity.


As of this morning, the proffers for Overage Leaves of Absence and Modified Partnership Flying (Part-Time), along with the Travel Separation Program for active Flight Attendants are closed. The task is now at hand to review the submissions for eligibility and combine the shorter leave blocks as necessary to maximize the number of Overage Leaves and Modified Partnership (Part-Time) awards available and to mitigate the potential furlough of up to 1,200 of our members effective October 1. Understandably everyone is anxious to hear the results. APFAís National Contract Coordinator has pressed the company for some indication of when the results will be available. Additionally, APFA will closely review the results to ensure the best outcome for our members. The company has not yet committed to an announcement date, but the process generally takes several days.

If you are a currently furloughed Flight Attendant, your election window for the Travel Separation program remains open until 11pm (2300) central time on Friday, August 14. An invitation and information letter regarding your Travel Separation Program was sent by AA to those eligible on July 13. A copy of the letter is on the furlough page of APFA.org. If interested, your election form is accessible online through: aacareers.com/support.


Two important issues to Flight Attendants are moving through the legislative process in Washington, DC. Senate bills S.1422: the Airline Flight Crew Technical Corrections Act, and S.1451: the FAA Reauthorization Legislation.

The Airline Flight Crew Technical Corrections Act (S.1422) aims to clarify the eligibility requirements of the Family Leave and Medical Act with respect to airline flight crews who have been largely left out of the eligibility calculation of the FMLA due to our unusual scheduling systems.

The FAA Reauthorization Legislation (S.1451) contains all of our Flight Attendant provisions, including the fatigue study, OSHA Regulations and English Language requirements. It is expected on the Senate floor in September.

APFA strongly backs both and encourages all members who have not yet done so to contact their Senators and urge their support. Our Capwiz page has fill-in forms to email your representatives with either an editable letter suggested by APFA’s Washington lobbyist, Joan Wages, or you can compose your own. (click here) If you already sent your emails for one of the bills, you can go directly to the other through these links:

S.1451 – FAA Reauthorization Legislation
S.1422 – Family Leave for Crewmembers

If you have not sent your emails yet, please respond today. It’s fast and easy. As your Senators take their summer recess from Washington, be sure they all hear from you, their constituents, on these important matters.


Our APFA lobbyist is not our only presence in Washington as APFA President Laura Glading, along with AFA-CWA International President Pat Friend met with Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood last week. Also present was recently confirmed FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt. Both government leaders showed interest in the Union Chiefs’ discussions of the DEMOS report on the effects of 30 years of airline deregulation and proposals for re-regulation in the industry. The DEMOS report-commissioned and strongly endorsed by both Flight Attendant Unions-is vital reading for every APFA member. Read the June press release and the DEMOS report (“Flying Blind: Airline Deregulation, 30 Years Later”) right from the APFA website. (click here)


Despite having no basis in any recognized fact, and despite dubious claims of coming from “reliable sources,” rumors still abound about future manning cuts at American. Just the sheer number of the combinations of effective dates versus the number of Flight Attendants to be furloughed (and we have heard just about every permutation imaginable) is evidence that idle speculation and gossip has replaced reason. They cannot all be true even if someone guesses it right sometime.

While our members are in the midst of grappling with a potential furlough of 1,200 (and mitigation options including Leaves of Absence running through May 2010,) contemplation over what might happen several months from now, when tossed about as dire-though groundless–prediction, only harms others who are trying to come to grips with imminent threat of job loss or making plans for their own future in an unsure economy. Causing useless worry is not helpful and serves no useful purpose. Please be considerate toward, and respectful of, your colleagues who may be or feel less secure in their status before spreading furlough rumors about.

Our members can be assured that if we receive any word from the company on manning forecasts, route changes, fleet adjustments – anything that impacts our workforce – we do not keep that secret. As your Representatives, we cannot do so and would refuse if asked.


Another Flight Attendant specific retirement seminar is scheduled at DFW for Monday, August 3. 9am (0900) is the time and the Yandry Center – across gate C2, DFW terminal C – is the place. Flight Attendants from all bases are welcome to attend. No reservations are required. Representatives from both APFA and AA are scheduled to be present. Discussions include pension selections and retirement benefits, including insurance and travel. To get the most out of these helpful seminars, print out and bring your personal pension estimate and plan calculation formulas from Jetnet.


IDF Representatives will hold a base meeting on Thursday, August 20, from 1230 – 1430, in the Unity Pays room at APFA Headquarters. Members in good standing are invited to attend. The address is 1004 W. Euless Blvd. Euless, TX (click here for map)

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Remember that there are 1,258 members now on furlough and awaiting recall.

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