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8.01.09 – (LAA) – Mediated Bargaining with AA Ends

An August 1 HotLine update from APFA President Laura Glading

On Friday, July 31, in Washington, DC, your APFA Negotiating Team ended the second of two full weeks of mediated bargaining with American Airlines for a new and improved contract. Tentative agreements were reached on six additional articles.

The talks concluded, however, without the complete Tentative Agreement we had hoped for and despite APFA’s willingness and encouragement to continue working through the weekend – as long as necessary – to reach our goal.

The companyís team briskly departed at about 5pm so that they could spend the weekend back in Dallas with their families. This is a concept that has become increasingly foreign to our Flight Attendant workforce, which has fewer and fewer days – never mind a weekend – to spend with our families.

Before departing, the company did finally unveil some long awaited proposals on articles with real impact in terms of pay, work rules and benefits.

After reviewing them it is clear why they waited so long and why they were anxious to leave.

With complete and utter disregard for what Flight Attendants have already sacrificed for the past 6 years, the company has proposed:

> To increase your monthly maximum by as much as 18 hours;

> To further reduce vacation;

> To increase per diem expenses by a paltry 15 cents – which is below what our pilots currently receive – while eliminating it completely for turn-around sequences;

> To triple your contribution toward health care costs;

> To require a 25% funding by retired Flight Attendants toward their health benefits before age 65, increasing to 100% of post-Medicare costs after age 65;

> And, to eliminate the pension plan for new hires

Furthermoreó15 months since our last pay increase – the company has still refused to offer a pay proposal.

Lest there be any doubt among our membership over the company’s attitude toward their front-line employees, with these insulting proposals they have shown their true colors and their frank disrespect for our members.

Our frustration has turned to furor but our determination is unwavering. You will be receiving a letter from the Union within the next couple of weeks laying out our “Turn Around Campaign.” It is imperative that every member participate as there should be no doubt about the company’s intent to extract more concessions from our members.

We have further mediated sessions scheduled for the week of August 31 and mid-September.

Please continue to wear only your APFA pin and wings to show whose side you are on in this fight for our future. Stay informed by visiting

Thank you.

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