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12.04.09 – (LAA) – Constitutional Referendum, Focus on the Constitution, Lockdown Bargaining, Press Conference on YouTube, Got Union Pin Disks, Welcome Back Involuntary Leave of Absence FAs

APFA weekly HotLine update for Friday, December 4, 2009


  • Constitutional Referendum – information pamphlet mailed; 30-day ballot mailing Dec 8
  • Focus on the Constitution – membership status for non-Flight Attendant positions
  • Negotiating Team prepares for January, “lockdown” bargaining
  • YouTube channel updated with press conference, Nov 18 TURN AROUND picketing
  • Wear your APFA pin with the yellow—GOT UNION—disk on your uniform
  • Welcome back to those returning from an involuntary leave of absence


On Wednesday, December 2, a 28-page booklet entitled “APFA – Moving Forward 2010” detailing the upcoming Constitutional Referendum was mailed to all members. It is also available for viewing or download through a link on the APFA main page (or click here. Website login is required.) The booklet details the five proposed constitutional changes being sent to members in a 30-day balloting beginning next week.

All members are encouraged to read the entire referendum information booklet, including the letters from the Base Chairpersons and National Officers, the summaries, the resolutions and the proposed text changes. These proposed amendments to the APFA Constitution have been carefully crafted by the APFA Board in a direct response to issues and concerns brought forth by members. Your Union leadership feels they are essential for sustaining APFA’s strength and effectiveness.


In the past few HotLines, three of the five items were reviewed including: a proposed dues increase (11.13.09), electronic voting (11.20.09) and make-up of future negotiating committees (11.25.09). This week we focus on Resolution 6 – Membership Status for non-Flight Attendant positions. This item proposes changes to membership status for those Flight Attendants who choose to take a paid management position or other non-Flight Attendant position at American. Currently, these individuals who have become members of management retain their right to membership and therefore have access to Union meetings and information intended for Flight Attendants. Under this proposal, such individuals will lose their APFA membership. If they return to the position of Flight Attendant, they may rejoin the Union subject to the re-initiation fee.

Your APFA leadership recommends that you vote YES to approve changes to membership status for those taking non-Flight Attendant positions.


The ballot for the proposed constitutional changes is now being printed and is scheduled for mailing on December 8. Please follow the detailed instructions enclosed with the ballot as each of the five proposed changes are voted on separately. Review the information sent in the mail and on the website and make an informed vote. Please contact your Base Chairperson or Vice Chairperson if you have specific questions regarding the proposals.

In the meantime, ensure you have your most up-to-date contact information on file with the Membership Department as American does not share your address, phone or email changes with APFA. Email the Membership Department at: or call headquarters ext. 8153 to make sure we have your current contact info. If you have questions regarding your dues status, please contact the Dues Department at: or headquarters extension 8154.


Following our very successful, system-wide OUR TURN Around picketing event of November 18, the spotlight on the negotiations front is turning toward our 10-day, “lockdown” mediated bargaining session set to begin January 10. President Laura Glading made clear our goals in her press conference in front of Terminal C during activities at DFW on the 18th. View the video on our YouTube channel at

The course of our future action is largely dependent on the progress achieved during the January meetings. Extensive preparations are underway by members of the APFA Negotiating Team, our legal counsel and economic experts. Meantime our National Strike Administrators are updating our Strike Handbook and reviewing timelines and strategies as we approach one full year of mediated talks. During this period, it is vital that members maintain their focus and keep their eyes on the prize. Do not be distracted by the company’s diversionary tactics and misinformation. When asked to participate in special activities—whether they be Admirals Club promotions or other non-contractual functions—remember that working for free is not an improvement we can take to the bank. Our talents have value and deserve due compensation.

Wear only your Union pin—with the yellow GOT UNION side of the disk behind it—along with your Flight Attendant wings on your uniform. If you have your pin disk turned to red, please flip it back to yellow unless specifically advised by an APFA representative to show the red side.

Sign on to the APFA Virtual Picket Line today! Over 5000 already have. It’s quick and easy and our numbers have an impact. Go to:

Review the Negotiations Update mailed to all members in October and carry it with you. It explains clearly where we stand. It is available online as well from the negotiations page at: index.php?&view=category&id=351 (website login required).


As the contractual month of December began on the 2nd, we welcomed the back to the line over 240 of our colleagues returning from a two-month involuntary overage leave of absence. Unlike a return from furlough—where base changes often occur upon recall—these members are returning to their same bases. As this was a new procedure to avoid additional furloughs in September, there may be lingering questions by these members over restarting benefits and other issues. You will need to go to the Benefits section of Jetnet and complete a Return-to-Work Life Event to elect your benefits for the remainder of 2009. Once this is done, a window will open for your 2010 Benefits Enrollment. You have 30 days to complete the life event. Please contact the HR Call Center at 1-800-447-2000 if you experience difficulties. Any additional questions regarding benefits may be directed to the APFA Health Department at extension 8301 or by email to:

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Remember that there are currently 1,412 members on furlough and awaiting recall.
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Visit the websites for Wings Foundation, Airline Ambassadors and UNICEF/Change for Good and consider including these worthy organizations on your holiday gift lists.

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