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1.15.09 – (LAA) – Lockdown Bargaining Ongoing, FAs Will Be Seeing Red, APFA Virtual Picket Line, Let’s Talk Newsletter from AA, Voluntary Options Open

APFA weekly HotLine update for Friday, January 15, 2010.


  • “Lockdown” bargaining ongoing; President Glading’s Negotiations Update on YouTube
  • Flight Attendants will be “Seeing Red” in one-day event on Tuesday, January 19
  • APFA virtual Picket line opens to supporters everywhere
  • Another “Let’s Talk …” newsletter from AA. Remember: ìMy Negotiating Team speaks for me!î
  • Voluntary options open (Overage Leaves, Modified Partnership, Travel Separation)
  • Holiday office closure, January 18


On Monday, January 11, your APFA Negotiators began their two-week, mediated, “lockdown” bargaining session with AA management at a location just outside the DFW Metroplex. While January 1 marked the start of month number 21 since our contract became amendable, our “lockdown” talks follow negotiations and preparations in December in order to-as explained by President Laura Glading in a January 10 Negotiations Update to members: “establish protocol and get rid of all the loose ends before we start our intense negotiations “

In her five-minute video address distributed through our YouTube channel, President Glading continued that in January, “We will be negotiating the economic issues only. All of the other articles – have been negotiated – We have positioned ourselves very well to achieve a contract.” The video is highly recommended viewing for all members, as it explains in detail what will transpire if we conclude an agreement during these talks and what steps will be taken next in the event we do not.

Click here for our YouTube channel. Transcript available here.


While your negotiators are meeting at the table with management, all members need to clearly display and demonstrate their unwavering support. We have planned Tuesday, January 19, as a day for “Seeing Red Around the System” for all APFA Flight Attendants at all locations. (click here for flyer) On Tuesday, January 19 and on this day only, all members should turn their disk behind their APFA pins to the red “GOT GUTS” side. All AA management needs to see this vivid reminder of our solidarity, our determination to achieve an agreement and that we stand firmly behind our Negotiating Team. APFA reps will be in operations areas with extra disks. This is not a job action; it is a simple show of solidarity. All Flight Attendants will work as scheduled. Following this one-day display of unity, please turn your disks back to yellow.

After our successful day of picketing and leafleting in November on the 16th anniversary of our strike against American, our “All Red Day” will show that AA Flight Attendants are unified and strong. While we will not disrupt travel on the 19th, this will be a reminder to management that it is OUR TURN. We are determined to achieve a good contract, and are willing, able and ready to take the ultimate step to get it.


Supporters of workers everywhere are encouraged to sign onto the APFA Virtual Picket Line at: In a national press release on January 14, APFA invites the public to show their support and to walk the line alongside us in our battle for fair and just treatment in our negotiations for the contract we deserve. Well over 5,000 names now “march” in solidarity with APFA Flight Attendants, some with their own picket sign slogans. Be sure your name is added and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to add theirs. (click here for press release)


Just in time for the start of our “lockdown” bargaining, AA management is again reaching out to line Flight Attendants, while our Negotiating Team sits right across the negotiation table from them. The second of their “Let’s Talk” newsletters has been sent through Jetmail. Well, if you’re going to talk the talk, you’ve got to walk the walk. Letís remind AA all how this works. Go to your Jetmail account on the Flight Service website, hit reply, and tell them plain and simple: “My Negotiating Team Speaks for Me.”


Flight Service has opened proffers for Overage Leaves, Modified Partnership Flying and Voluntary Travel Separation. We strongly encourage anyone interested in a leave, part-time flying or who is considering resigning to give these options consideration.

  • Are you currently on maternity leave, or know someone who is, and want to extend your time off? Then please look at the options being offered and ensure your M4 clearance dates are updated to be eligible for an OL option.
  • Are you currently dropping trips, or know someone who isópaying the full cost for health benefits? Then you should take a look at the OL options that begin on February 28.

The Overage Leave (and Travel Separation Program) options starting February 28 (the actual start date for leaves or travel separation commencing March 2010) may save you a significant amount for the cost of your health care benefits. More information is available through links on our website as well as an Options Overview document prepared by the APFA Contract Department. (click here)

All proffers close on Friday, January 22, 2010 at 1700 (5 PM) Central Time. Before electing any of the options please review the corresponding Questions and Answers and other applicable documents for the option you are electing. Proffers and elections are made through the ballots on the Flight Service website. Please read the ballots carefully as they contain important information and instructions.


In accordance with Article IX, Section 2.A.(1) of the APFA Constitution and Section 12.B.16 of the APFA Policy Manual, Treasurer Juan Barrera has issued a notice advising the membership of the administrative and committee positions proposed for the upcoming fiscal year. These include the Division Representatives, National Coordinators, National Balloting Committee and Budget Committee members. Resumes for these positions may be returned to the APFA Secretary any time prior to the Annual Convention to be held March 7 through 10 in the DFW area. Complete information is available through a document link on the Treasurerís page of (website login required).

As a reminder, two Ad Hoc positions will also be elected by delegates at the Annual Convention. The Willingness-to-Serve notification for Ad Hoc places 3 and 4 is available on the Elections and Balloting page of and will be retrieved from the designated Post Office Box at 10:00 AM (1000) Central Time, Wednesday, January 20, 2010. Additionally, an Ad Hoc Willingness-to-Serve Notification may be returned to the APFA Secretary at any time prior to the Convention.


The National Ballot Committee has retrieved the Notifications of Willingness-to-Serve for the positions of Vice Chairperson at DCA and BOS-I. Tim Weston has been duty elected as Vice Chairperson at DCA and Michael Medeiros has been duly elected to as Vice Chairperson at BOS-I. Both have assumed office and will serve the remainder of the current two-year ending March 31, 2011.


The APFA Headquarters office will be closed on Monday, January 18, in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Regular office hours will resume on Tuesday, January 19.

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Remember that there are currently 1,410 members on furlough and awaiting recall.
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Airline Ambassadors has updated their website with information on relief efforts in Haiti due to the recent earthquake and developing humanitarian crisis. Please visit their site for the latest information and to learn how you can help or donate.

UNICEF/Change for Good, which has a presence on many of our flights and is actively promoted by Flight Attendant ìChampions for Children Volunteers,î has advised that all donations collected during January will be directed to providing assistance in Haiti.

Please visit all our APFA Supported organizations through their websites:

Wings // Airline Ambassadors // UNICEF/Change for Good

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