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1.22.10 – (LAA) – Bargaining Round Ends with No Agreement, Strike Captains Need Volunteers, Red Around the System, Voluntary Options Open, Support the APFA Virtual Picket Line, Quarterly Earnings Announced

This is Brenda McKenzie, DFW Flight Attendant, with the APFA weekly HotLine update for Friday, January 22, 2010.


  • Bargaining round ends with no agreement
  • Strike Captains need volunteers
  • “Red Around the System” update
  • Voluntary options open (Overage Leaves, Modified Partnership, Travel Separation)
  • Be a supporter – join the APFA Virtual Picket Line
  • Quarterly earnings announced


After eleven consecutive days of intense bargaining overseen by a Federal Mediator, we have not reached an agreement with the company. Although APFA came to this session determined to reach an agreement, the company responded with nothing but concessions on top of concessions.

Apparently, the company believes this round of bargaining is 2003 all over again, and is demanding what it could not get from us seven years ago.

Under federal law, airline unions cannot strike until the federal mediator declares an impasse in contract talks, which starts a 30-day cooling-off period. After that period, the union can go on strike.

The National Mediation Board has directed the parties to resume lockdown negotiations at the NMB offices in Washington, D.C. beginning on Saturday, February 27 and ending five days later on March 3.

Keep in mind, the company will continue in their attempts to negotiate directly with you. Please get your information directly from the APFA website at, APFA hotlines, and APFA Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages. Always respond to the company with: “My negotiators speak for me!”


In our on-going preparations, Strike Captains are in place at each base. A one-day training date for the Strike Captains is scheduled in February. If you wish to volunteer to assist the strike captain at your base, please send your name, employee number and email address to


The “Red Around the System” day on January 19 was a great success. Our message of unity and strength was clearly displayed during this one-day planned event. The Company could not help but take notice as your Negotiating Team also wore their Red disks to the bargaining table. It is important that we act as a unified group on these special event days and every day in our efforts to achieve an agreement.


The Company has re-opened the Voluntary Travel Separation Program for eligible furloughed Flight Attendants who have recall rights. Eligible Flight Attendants will have the opportunity to take advantage of a Five (5) or Ten (10) Year Voluntary Travel Separation. Either of these decisions will result in a permanent separation from the Company and will waive all recall rights.

The election window for this voluntary program will close at 11:00 p.m. Central Time, February 19, 2010. Information is available on the APFA website at


Due to the earthquake crisis in Haiti, procedures are in place in the event that a Flight Attendant loses an entire sequence as a result of cancellations to and from Port of Prince. Article I.9.E.3 of the contract will be applied and available days will be awarded. This will be effective for the time period starting on January 23 through January 30.

The issuance of available days will be automatic by crew schedule. If you wish not to have available days, please contact crew schedule for removal of these days. In addition you may elect to utilize last five day pay protection in accordance with Article I.9.P.6 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Should you have crew schedule remove available days form your schedule; your guarantee will not be reduced. Mid-sequence cancellation will be covered under the MIC language as stated in Article I.9.P.1.

If you have any questions, please contact the APFA scheduling department.


Supporters of workers everywhere are encouraged to sign onto the APFA Virtual Picket Line at: In a national press release on January 14, APFA invited the public to show their support and to walk the line alongside us in our battle for fair and just treatment in our negotiations for the contract we deserve. Well over 5,000 names now ìmarchî in solidarity with APFA Flight Attendants, some with their own picket sign slogans. Be sure your name is added and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to add theirs. (click here for press release)


In accordance with Article IX, Section 2.A.(1) of the APFA Constitution and Section 12.B.16 of the APFA Policy Manual, Treasurer Juan Barrera has issued a notice advising the membership of the administrative and committee positions proposed for the upcoming fiscal year. These include the Division Representatives, National Coordinators, National Balloting Committee and Budget Committee members. Resumes for these positions may be returned to the APFA Secretary any time prior to the Annual Convention which will be held March 7 through 10 in the DFW area. Complete information is available through a document link on the Treasurerís page of (website login required).

January 20, 2010 was the deadline for the National Ballot Committee pick up of Willingness to Serve Notifications for the positions of Ad Hoc places 3 and 4.

No notifications were received at the designated P.O. Box today.

Willingness-to-Serve Notifications may be returned to APFA Secretary, Denise Pointer, anytime prior to the start of the Annual Convention. Nomination envelopes containing copies of all Willingness-to-Serve Notifications that have been returned to the APFA will be distributed to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee members at the Convention on March 7, 2010. No other Notifications will be accepted by the APFA after the Convention is called to order.


AMR was the first major airline to report fourth quarter results on Wednesday, January 20. AMR reported a loss of $344 million for the months of October, November, and December. Revenue fell 7.4%. After Wednesdayís earnings announcements and conference call, AMR stock closed at $8.48, up 9.8% year-to-date ñ thatís up almost 26% for the last quarter 2009 and an increase of 254% since March 2009.

The following day, Southwest Airlines reported a fourth quarter profit of $115 million after losing $16 million in the first nine months of 2009. Also in the black is Continental Airlines who reported an unexpected fourth quarter profit of $4 million.

Remember that there are currently 1,410 members on furlough and awaiting recall.

Airline Ambassadors has updated their website with information on relief efforts in Haiti due to the recent earthquake and developing humanitarian crisis. Please visit their site for the latest information and to learn how you can help or donate.

UNICEF/Change for Good, which has a presence on many of our flights and is actively promoted by Flight Attendant “Champions for children Volunteers,” has advised that all donations collected during January will be directed to providing assistance in Haiti.

Please visit all our APFA Supported organization through their websites:

Wings // Airline Ambassadors // UNICEF/Change for Good

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