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4.30.10 – (LAA) – Seeing Red Road Shows, Power of YES, Strike Authorization Ballot, Quarterly Reports, Arpey, EC Confirms Administrative Appointments

APFA weekly HotLine update for Friday, April 30, 2010.


  • Seeing Red Road Shows visit: ORD, LAX, SFO; Final week in: MIA, DFW, NYC
  • APFA Team promotes the Power of Yes: (video) (transcript)
  • Strike Authorization Ballot in the field: voting deadline May 19 at 10 AM
  • 1Q10 results: United, US Airways, JetBlue round out quarterly reports
  • Arpey made HOW MUCH? — Gee, buddy, can you spare a dime?
  • APFA Executive Committee confirms Administrative Appointments


On Thursday, the APFA Negotiating Team completed the third week of the Seeing Red Informational Road Shows, visiting Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Members numbering in the hundreds were able to hear details of the current state of our talks, the negotiations process, the economic issues and future membership actions presented by President Laura Glading, other members of the Negotiating Team, legal and economic experts and other APFA reps.

By now all Flight Attendants should have received the Skyword Express, an eight-page briefing of many of the most contentious issues and the company’s concessionary demands which they are convinced our members are ready to accept despite, and on top of, the unrewarded and devastating impact weíve been enduring for the last seven years under the RPA. Over two billion dollars have already flowed to the company’s balance sheet from our sacrifices and they continue to reap over one million dollars per day from the bailout that just won’t end. No wonder they are not interested in stopping their own gravy train and have chosen avoidance, obstruction and deception over bargaining in good faith. Click here to download the Skyword Express or view online (no website login needed).

The final week of meetings will begin Monday, May 3 as the Team heads to Miami, followed by the second meeting in Dallas/Ft. Worth on Tuesday, May 4, and closing with the added meeting in New York on Thursday, May 6. Times are 11 AM to 2 PM at each location and meetings are open to members in good standing. The venue details are:

MIA – Monday, May 3
Wyndham Miami Airport Hotel & Executive Meeting Center (map)
3900 NW 21st Street
Miami, Florida 33142

DFW – Tuesday, May 4
Grapevine Convention Center (map)
1209 South Main Street
Grapevine, TX 76051

NYC – Thursday, May 6
Courtyard by Marriott LGA Airport (map)
90-10 Grand Central Parkway
East Elmhurst, NY 11369


During the week of May 17, shortly following the final Seeing Red membership meeting, the APFA Team will again be at NMB offices in Washington facing management in mediated, joint, intense talks called by Senior Mediator Pat Sims. We have a powerful tool to send along with them in the form of our Strike Authorization. The ballot is currently in the field and will close on Wednesday morning, May 19 at 10:00 AM Central Time (see additional information below). As we meet the company and the mediator, there is no stronger voice than that of our membersí solidarity supporting APFA and our Team members.

There is strength in our numbers and we must show the company and the NMB that we have the unity of the entire membership behind our cause. As APFAís Chief Negotiator Anne Loew states in the latest Team video on our YouTube channel: “The Power of YES vote will send a very strong message to management that we are unified and have a common purpose to repel the companyís demand for a concessionary contract and to achieve an agreement that significantly improves our pay, benefits and work rules. We need the Power of YES.”

View this video today and share it with your colleagues and friends. If you cannot access YouTube, read the transcript here.


The Strike Authorization Ballot packet was sent out in the mail on April 19. The Elections and Balloting page of (accessible without website login) has important information from the APFA National Balloting Committee (NBC) on what steps to take if you have questions about the electronic/telephonic voting process or your ballot. This page also has a link to Frequently Asked Questions from BallotPoint, APFAís balloting service vendor. Go to the page here or click on the VOTE link on the home page. Email your questions to the NBC at: or call 817.540.0108 ext. 8311.

You may change a vote youíve already cast in our new voting system, but your final vote must be registered by 10:00 AM (1000) Central Time on Wednesday, May 19, 2010.

All members are reminded that you must be a member in good standing not later than the close of business on the fifth (5th) day prior to the time limit for casting ballots in any election or referendum in order to be deemed eligible to vote. If you have questions about your dues status, please contact the APFA Dues Department. Email: or call 817.540.0108 ext. 8154.


The last few major airlines turned in their first quarter 2010 airline earnings reports this week. The profit/loss numbers for these carriers, for the three months of January through March 2010, were:

United, a loss of $ 92 million ($ -82 million)*
US Airways, a loss of $ 89 million ($ -45 million)
JetBlue, a loss of $1 million

* The number in parentheses is the figure reported after excluding special or one-time items (expenses and/or gains).

You may recall that AMR reported its earnings Wednesday of last week (read about it here). Later that same week, AMR filed its proxy statement declaring that CEO Gerard Arpey took in $4.7 million in salary, stock grants and options in 2009, the largest chunk of the $12.5 million in compensation paid to the top five AMR executives. See reports in the Star-Telegram and Dallas Morning News. Responding to this gross over-compensation, President Glading commented: “Continuing their pattern of corporate excess, top executives at American Airlines have once again rewarded themselves millions in bonuses one day after reporting a wider than expected earnings loss. At the same time Flight Attendants and other frontline employees continue to make sacrifices nearly $11 billion since 2003óand struggle to make ends meet while being asked to take more concessions in contract negotiations. It’s time to stop the corporate greed that has brought down the hard-working middle class of our country.”

As we watch the current hearings on Capitol Hill over the fiduciary fiasco that is this nation’s financial sector, we can just shake our heads in wonderment over how AMR’s leaders are not shaking theirs in shame. As the saying goes, Mr. Arpey, “a fish rots from the head down.” There are many quoted sources for this truism, often attributed to a Chinese proverb. Perhaps someone can look it up in Beijing, if we ever get  there.


On May 1, management is intent on moving ahead with a plan to remove blankets from Main Cabin on all non-IFS/AIFS flights. Further they plan to begin pillow/blanket sales on that date. APFA firmly believes this should be a subject of negotiations and, on March 4, filed a Presidential Grievance over the company’s action.

APFA is extremely disappointed that the company is not going to delay implementation of the pillow/blanket sales pending a resolution of the grievance. While we in no way condone the companyís plans to sell pillows/blankets, we also do not want our members to risk discipline by refusing to sell an item that a customer has requested to purchase. In the meantime we request that our members comply with the procedures outlined by the company.

This is just one more example of the need to push the company to make a contract offer that is reasonable and that the membership can ratify. It is but one more reminder that the best way our members can assist in that goal is to vote YES on the current Strike Authorization Ballot and encourage your co-workers to do the same.


Last Friday, April 23, the APFA Executive Committee met by teleconference to confirm appointments for the administrative positions of National Coordinators and Division Representatives for two-year terms commencing May 1. Confirmed as National Coordinators, as reappointed by President Laura Glading, are:

  • Brent Peterson (JFK) for Contracts;
  • Kelly Skyles (IMA) for Safety and Security;
  • Kim Coats (IDF) for Health; and
  • Kelly Gambello (IMA) for Hotels.

The EC has confirmed President Glading’s new appointments of:

  • Diana Dunn (DFW) for Scheduling Coordinator; and
  • Jeff Pharr (MIA) for Communications Coordinator.

The current coordinators for Scheduling and for Communications have elected to return to full-time flying following Diana and Jeffís transition into their positions.

Confirmed as Division Representatives, as reappointed by Vice President Brett Durkin, are :

  • Tony Leonhardt (LAX-I) for Division 1 – the bases of LAX, LAX-I, SFO, and SFO-I;
  • Kim Boyett (DFW) for Division 2 – the bases of DFW, IDF, and STL;
  • Liz Mallon (IOR) for Division 3 – the bases of ORD, IOR, BOS, and BOS-I;
  • Barbara Rives (IMA) for Division 4 – the bases of MIA, IMA, DCA, DCA-I, and RDU-I; and
  • Suzanne Edwards (JFK) for Division 5 – the bases of JFK and LGA.

In addition to these administrative appointments, Jon Murden (IOR) was appointed as Interim InfoRep Steering Committee Member.
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Remember that there are currently 1,363 members on furlough and awaiting recall.
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The Wings Foundation is much more than can recycling, though that is an important source of the funds they distribute to members in need. Visit their website for fund raising activities, to find base representatives, forms for donation ($$$, PVDs, etc.), or applications for assistance. See how you can help at your base. Wings is formed and managed by AA Flight Attendants for AA Flight Attendants. Check out Wings and all our APFA supported organizations through these links:

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