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12.03.10 – (LAA) – Negotiations, AA Security Department Investigations, 3rdQ EC meeting, Retirement Representative Training, Recall Update, Body Scanners, Luggage Points, Manual Audits, WTS

APFA Weekly Hotline Update for the week ending Friday, December 3, 2010


Our meeting with the National Mediation Board’s Director of Mediated Services, Larry Gibbons is set for January 4-6, 2011. The parties have agreed to meet outside of the DFW and DC areas. The meeting will take place in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mr. Gibbons has informed APFA this meeting is for the parties to review their respective positions after the last negotiated session in May. There is no reason to anticipate any bargaining during this session.

APFA President Laura Glading stated,

Our position has not changed. We are coming up on three years without a contract, an absurd amount of time. The company can put an end to this at any moment by making good on their 2003 promises by compensating the Flight Attendants for their hard work and sacrifices.


Should you be required to participate in an AA Security Department Investigation, please remember the following points:

  • Request an APFA Representative immediately; if a Representative is not physically available, you may consult privately with an APFA Representative by phone for 5-10 minutes prior to your meeting.
  • If an APFA Representative is not available, you may take a fellow Flight Attendant into the meeting with you to take notes. Make sure you do.
  • Under no circumstances should a member of Flight Service Management be present during a security interview.
  • Most importantly, never let AA Corporate Security tell you what to write in your statement, and do not allow them to write your statement under any circumstances.
  • Do not be intimidated. The majority of the security agents are very professional. Stay calm, take notes, and write your own statement with just the facts, nothing more. No conjecture or hearsay, just the basic facts.


The third quarter APFA Executive Committee meeting will be held December 7-8, 2010 at APFA Headquarters. The meeting will begin at 09:30 a.m. on Tuesday, December 7, 2010. All members in good standing are welcome and encouraged to attend.

APFA Headquarters
1004 West Euless Blvd
Euless, Texas 76040


APFA will conduct Advanced APFA Retirement Representative Training next week on Thursday, December 9, 2010. If you would like to volunteer as a Base Retirement Representative, please contact your Base Chairperson about attending this training.


Recall notices were sent this past Tuesday to the last group of Flight Attendants to be recalled as a result of the recall announcement made in October. Flight Attendants in this group will be recalled effective April 1, 2011. Flight Attendants must return their acceptance notice in the prepaid FedEx envelope to a FedEx location no later than Friday, December 10, 2010 so that the company receives the notice no later than Tuesday, December 14, 2010. Information specific to each of the three recall groups is posted on the Recall page of

In anticipation of recalled Flight Attendants returning to the line on January 31, 2011, the company will clear the transfer lists to LGA and MIA. In addition the company will process additional transfers to DFW. These transfers will be based on transfer requests on file as of 08:30 a.m. Central Time on December 13, 2010. The transfers will be effective on January 31, 2011. Please ensure your 3* is up-to-date. This will help your fellow Flight Attendant receive transfers that many have waited years to receive. You can be personally responsible for helping another Flight Attendant get a much needed transfer by removing any transfer request you are not currently willing to accept.


Last week’s announcement from the TSA regarding Flight Attendants’ exemption from AIT Body Scanners was a welcomed relief. However, our fight is not over. APFA National Safety and Security Coordinator, Kelly Skyles, is working with our Legislative Team in the effort for inclusion of Flight Attendants in any possible CrewPass Program that would allow all working crewmembers in possession of the biometric CrewPass badge to bypass regular airport security screening checkpoints and enter through a separate employee portal. We are working with all levels; TSA, AA and other Flight Attendant Unions on this issue and will not stop until Flight Attendants are included.

Effective December 1, 2010 the Mexican government has instituted liquid, aerosol and gel (LAG) restrictions for all travelers. The restriction is similar to U.S. restrictions. LAG containers may not exceed 3.4 oz or 100ml and must be carried in a transparent one-liter zip-top bag.

Currently the law applies to all travelers including crewmembers. The Mexican government is being lobbied for an exemption for crewmembers. Until that exemption is obtained, please be sure to comply with the new restriction to avoid confiscation of liquids in your possession.


That is if you have a bag. And if you donít, ordering one from VF Solutions just got a bit more difficult.

Last month the company announced the issuance of an additional nine (9) points to each Flight Attendant for use by the end of 2010. These additional points are intended to purchase the new blouses, shirts, scarves and ties – Americanís attempt to once again “piecemeal-update” an outdated, mismatched uniform held over from the 1980s.

The additional points can be used to purchase other garments, if you’ve already ordered the new items. The additional nine, however, cannot be used to purchase luggage items. You may have enough basic 2010 uniform point to purchase a suitcase, but, since the uniform order system cannot distinguish between the regular and additional points, American has suspended the ability to self-order luggage for the remainder of the year.

If you need to place an order for luggage and have sufficient basic 2010 points to do so, then ask your Flight Service Manager to place the order on your behalf. If you are denied the ability to use your basic 2010 points for luggage, please contact your APFA Division Representative immediately.

Effective June 1, 2011, the company has stated they will no longer allow the crested blouse or current ties to be worn. Remember that both your basic points and the newly issued additional points will expire at the end of the year.


The FAA will be in MIA on December 16 and 17, 2010. Base manual audits may be conducted in MIA on Thursday, December 16 and Friday, December 17, 2010. Flight Attendants flying in and out of MIA should expect to have their manuals audited by both the FAA and local Flight Service.

As always, please make sure your manuals are up to date. The latest manual revision and bulletins can be found on the Flight Service website via the ëManuals & Guidesí link.

Anytime you encounter an FAA inspector, please send an e-mail including the date and flight number to


Willingness to Serve (WTS) Notifications for Base Chairperson, Base Vice Chairperson and Base Operational Council Representatives for all bases will be mailed, and available for download via by December 7, 2010. Anyone interested in further serving your union should complete and return the form to APFA. The forms are due back in the designated P.O. Box by 10:00 a.m. CST on January 6, 2011. Ballots will be mailed on January 26, 2011 and electronic voting must be completed by 10:00 a.m. CST on February 25, 2011.

As a reminder you must be a member in good standing to both run for office and to cast your ballot.

Please remember there are currently 1,111 members on furlough and awaiting recall.

The Wings Foundation is much more than can recycling, though that is an important source of the funds they distribute to members in need. If you are an active American Airlines Flight Attendant and you primary home has been destroyed, please contact WINGS Disaster Relief. Visit their website for fund raising activities, to find base representatives, forms for donation ($$$, PVDs, etc.), or applications for assistance. See how you can help at your base. Wings was created by and is managed exclusively by AA Flight Attendants. Wings provide services only to AA Flight Attendants.

Check out Wings and all our APFA supported organizations through these links:

Wings // Airline Ambassadors // UNICEF/Champions for Children

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