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2.02.12 – (LAA) – Ed Show Postponed

Ed Show Postponed

The Ed Show informed us that we would be bumped from tonight’s show. The Susan G Komen story took precedence.

We are working with the Producers on rescheduling and will keep you posted.

APFA Featured Tonight on The ED SHOW

As you know, yesterday was a difficult day for all of us. Once again, management showed the world that they think they can do whatever they want and their employees will pay for it. Unfortunately for them, the numbers are on our side.

We know what our actual costs are. We know that Flight Attendants working at our competitors earn the same if not more than we do. We cannot be expected to take another 20 percent cut to do the same job. I wonít stand for it.

As for our benefit packages, I am not willing to accept the termination of our pensions and the abandonment of our retiree health benefits. The company has not justified its proposal to make these drastic cuts, and I will demand an explanation. We have the support of the PBGC, key members of Congress, and other members of the Creditorsí Committee on this issue, and Iím going to make sure that everyone lines up to defend us.

The most disgusting take-away from yesterdayís meetings was the attitude of company executives. The fact that they walked into these meetings and, with a straight face, pushed that proposal across the table was the epitome of arrogance. Never once were we given credit for the sacrifices weíve made over the past nine years ñ and continue to make. No one could explain why the $800 million cost disadvantage they claimed to have going into bankruptcy suddenly exploded to $1.25 billion.† And considering there is no credit $2.8 billion. It is repulsive and I simply refuse to accept it.

Know that I intend to fight the company on every misleading and inaccurate point they try to make, continue to update the Creditorsí Committee, and if necessary will bring the fight right to the judgeís bench should we not be able to reach an agreement.

As I said yesterday, I will not rest until the jobs and retirement plans of every Flight Attendant are secure.

Please take a moment to view the latest YouTube video posted on where we deliver our message of resistance.

And finally, tonight we will expand our campaign against corporate cruelty to nationwide television when I’m scheduled to appear on the†Ed Show on MSNBC.†Please check your local listings for times.

Please continue to read these Hotlines and visit for the most accurate and up to date information.

In unity,

Laura Glading

CORRECTION: Yesterday’s hotline stated that 1,300 Gate Agents were included in the Headcount Reduction announced by the company.† The correct information is 1,300 Agents, Reps and Planners.

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