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2.17.12 – (LAA) – BOD Special Meeting for Full Briefing on 1113 Negotiations, Bankruptcy Update, Early Out Proposal, Overage Leaves, Presidential Debate


The Hotel Department update included in today’s Hotline was a followup on the information included in a message sent last week regarding MIA long layovers. All MIA long layovers will return to the original long layover hotel in March. As soon as APFA National Hotel Coordinator Kelly Gambello receives the allocations from the company, we will update the Hotel Page on


Earlier this week the APFA Board of Directors convened a special meeting in DFW.† During the meeting, the APFA Board and Executive Committee received a full briefing on 1113 Negotiations.† APFA President Laura Glading and the APFA Negotiating Table Team, Legal Counsel, and Financial Advisors provided detailed information on every aspect of the negotiations.

Due to the fact that a majority of the information shared dealt with strategy and was confidential in nature, those portions were off-record. This is not uncommon during times of negotiations.† Discussions involving strategy are held under strict confidential guidelines, and while frustrating to members wishing to attend the meeting, are a necessity to ensure a successful outcome.


Day two of the 10-day scheduled meetings began with a review of the Tentative Agreements reached during the last four years of negotiations.

In the afternoon, APFA heard a presentation by the company on some of their scheduling proposals.

The day ended with APFA requesting additional information from the company.

Meetings will resume Friday morning.


We’ve received very positive feedback from the Membership regarding the early-out proposal presented by APFA to the company this week. Our proposal would allow eligible Flight Attendants to retire early with a secure plan including full pensions and medical coverage before they become eligible for Medicare.

APFA President Laura Glading said, “This proposal is a win-win. It is forward thinking, provides a dignified retirement strategy for Flight Attendants that have given so much to this airline, and saves the company money. I hope Tom Horton has the foresight to acknowledge that and act on it. I am calling on management to put this package to our members immediately, and revise their term sheet factoring in these new savings.”

To read the full Press Release, click here.†In addition a Highlighted Term-Sheet on the Early-out proposal has been posted on

APFA is receiving questions as to how the lump sum payment will be calculated.† It is important to note that this proposal is a framework with specific details to be ironed out in future talks.


Last week Overage Leave, Modified Partnership Flying and Travel Separation Program proffers opened to help mitigate the current overage of 500 Flight Attendants.

There are three key points to remember if you are interested in taking any of the Overage Leave options.

1. You will continue to accrue full Occupational (Bidding) Seniority while on an Overage Leave

2. You retain non-rev pass travel as if you were on active status including D1, travel for self, eligible family members, as well as registered companion or domestic partner (if applicable) and D3 travel.† Reduced rate travel on other airlines including ID90, ZED fares and oneworld is permitted.

3. Your eligibility for an Early Out should one become available will not be affected if you are on an Overage Leave at the time an Early Out becomes available and you meet other eligibility criteria associated with an Early Out option.

Overage Leaves are available for the full 12-month period†beginning April 2012 through March 2013.† There are several shorter options available if you are unable to take the full 12-month leave.

If you are interested in Modified Partnership Flying keep in mind that you do not need to find a partner to share a line. Modified Partnership Flying is virtually identical to part-time flying we had prior to 2003. Modified Partnership Flying is available for the three-month period of April, May and June.

The deadline to proffer for the Overage Leave and Modified Partnership Flying is Wednesday, February 22 at 0830. The deadline to elect the Travel Separation Program is Wednesday, February 22 at 0900.

Several documents have been uploaded to the Reduction in Force page of to help answer your questions if you are interested in any of these options.

Please call the Contract/Scheduling Department at 817.540.0108 ext 8161 if you should have any questions or you can send an email to

Unfortunately the company did send notices to the 500 most junior Flight Attendants noticing them that they are subject to furlough. APFA worked very hard to secure recall for our members and will continue to work hard†to mitigate this furlough.

We continue to receive questions as to whether this 500 overage is connected in any way with the 2,300 announce by American last week. This overage is not related to the 2,300 the company stated was needed in their term sheet. This current overage was part of the capacity reduction made to their 2012 plan.


As we have been working to garner support in Washington, we have learned from our allies that AMR executives have been touring the Hill making their absurd case for terminating our hard-earned pension plans.

Even in the throes of bankruptcy, it seems that the company’s obscene expenditures include a high-priced lobbying operation and political contributions.

Horton may have the money, but we have the numbers. Call, write or email your Members of Congress today!

We’ve activated a Capwiz Campaign that may be accessed by clicking the ‘Take Action’ tab in the left menu on APFA’s Facebook Page or by visiting APFA’s Capwiz Page.

We’ve made available both Call and Write options for contacting your Members of Congress.


APFA Hotel Coordinator, Kelly Gambello, has confirmed with the Manager of Hotel Contracts that all long layovers will return to the original long layover hotel in March. †Kelly is waiting on the allocations from the company, as we still have three hotels in this market, and once received will post them to the Hotel Page on


The National Officer Run-off election ballots were mailed on January 26, 2012 and votes must be cast by 10:00 CT on February 24, 2012.

You must be dues current by 5:00 p.m. CST on February 21, 2012, and any dues promissory note/payment plan must have been active by January 26, 2012 in order to have your vote counted for the APFA National Officer Run-Off election ballot count on February 24, 2012.

To access the APFA BallotPoint Voting System by phone, call 1-800-698-3789 or 1-503-419-1145 or online at

For questions concerning the Elections and Balloting, or to obtain a duplicate ballot, contact the Ballot Committee at 817.540.0108 x8311 or via e-mail at


Last month APFA sponsored the Presidential Debate between Liz Geiss and Laura Glading. APFA members may view the debate, in its entirety, by logging on to


The APFA Headquarters office will be closed on Monday, February 20 in observance of President’s Day. Regular office hours will resume on Tuesday, February 21.

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