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2.18.12 – (LAA) – Bankruptcy Update, Bids Close Early, Vacation Bidding, FAs are Reminded to Maintain an Updated Manual


Earlier this week the APFA Negotiating Team including our airline economist, Dan Akins, met with American. During the meeting Dan described a number of concerns he had about the way AA had costed-out its term sheet and the assumptions it had used in determining the values of its demands. Yesterday, in a late afternoon meeting, Taylor Vaughn announced that American agreed with Dan and that it had to recalculate its terms sheet. Simply put, the Company recognized that it was demanding too much from the Flight Attendants.

Consequently, we were provided a supplement to the Term Sheet that withdraws its proposal to gut our duty rigs by eliminating E Time (Duty Rig), F Time (Trip Rig), and G Time (Average and Minimum Day). Now, it is proposing to leave E and F time unchanged from the current agreement, to reduce the average day from 5 hrs. to 4:30 hrs., and the minimum day from 3 hrs. to 2 hrs.† We applaud Dan Akins, who once again has proven that he is an absolutely invaluable member of the APFA team. Be assured that we will continue to fight to stop American from extracting a penny more than is fair or necessary to a successful reorganization.


Please note that bids for March will close at 0001 on February 20. Be sure to get your bids in on time.


Vacation bidding for 2012/2013 is open. The deadline to submit a bid in the primary round of bidding is Wednesday, March 7 at 0800 Central Time.† If you have accrued less than 7 days of vacation you can still submit a bid in the primary vacation bidding round however your ballot will not be considered until after all primary and secondary ballots from those who accrued more than 7 days have been awarded.


The FAA is continuing to conduct random spot checks and audits at AA system wide. Flight Attendants are reminded to maintain an updated manual. The only way to ensure a†manual is 100% in compliance with all appropriate pages, revisions and bulletins is to use the most current List of Effective Pages (LEP). Flight Attendants should submit AMR Event†Reports when an FAA Inspector is on their flight and report all manual violations to Cabin ASAP.

Kelly Skyles, APFA National Safety & Security Coordinator,†is currently†conducting base visits to discuss the new evacuation drill commands.

The next scheduled base visits are:

  • SFO Base Operations:
    Monday February 20th 8am – 12pm
  • LGA Base Operations:
    Tuesday February 21st 8am – 12pm
  • JFK Base Operations:
    Tuesday February 21st 1pm – 430pm
  • MIA/IMA Base Operations:
    Wednesday February 22nd 10am – 3pm

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