2.24.12 – (LAA) – Message from Newly Elected National Officers, National Officer Runoff Election Results

A Message from the Newly Elected National Officers

To the APFA Membership:

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for our Union. While the past few months have been challenging and at times divisive, we are ready to move beyond the campaign into a collaborative and effective administration.

The run-off shows that both slates brought forth strong ideas and that the membership wants the strategies of both teams to be integrated going forward. The four of us are all eager to get to work for you.

The enormity of our current situation cannot be overstated. We are each humbled and grateful for the trust that you have placed in us to navigate this challenge. We look forward to unifying the membership over the next month as we transition into the new administration and hitting the ground running in April.

In Unity,

Laura Glading, President
Marcus Gluth, Vice President-Elect
Jeff Pharr, Secretary-Elect
Greg Gunter, Treasurer-Elect

National Officers Runoff Election Results

Today, February 24, 2012, the APFA National Ballot Committee certified the results of the National Officer Run-Off election.

The results are as follows: For President Liz Geiss received 4284 votes and Laura Glading received 4434 votes. For Vice President Marcus Gluth received 4562 votes and Anne Loew received 4075 votes. For Secretary Vicki Dale received 4233 votes and Jeff Pharr received 4403 votes. For Treasurer Jennifer Brissette received 3711 votes and Greg Gunter received 4921 votes.

Laura Glading is elected APFA President, Marcus Gluth is elected APFA Vice President, Jeff Pharr is elected APFA Secretary and Greg Gunter is elected APFA Treasurer. These officers will serve a four year term of office beginning April 1, 2012.

A document containing the base breakdown and percentages, will be posted soon on the Election and Balloting Page of APFA.org.

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