4.05.12 – (LAA) – First Day of Hearings on 1113 Motion, Key Dates Recap, AFA-Eagle Picketing Events

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For the week ending Thursday, April 5, 2012


April 23rd marks the first day of hearings on the 1113 motion and is also the day that we let the company and the judge know that we will not idly sit by while the company attempts to take all that we’ve worked for from us. APFA will be hosting a system-wide picketing event on Monday, April 23, 2012. Stay tuned to the Hotline for each base city’s details as well as details on the big event in New York at the courthouse. Every voice counts!


1. April 23 ñ Hearing begins with opening statements; the unions can defer making their statements until the start of their responsive cases. Following opening statements AA will put on its affirmative case. The company estimates that it will take 4-5 days. However, it recognizes that this estimate largely depends on the length of cross-examination by the three unions, the PBGC and the Unsecured Creditors Committee (UCC) and consequently could take longer than 5 days.

2. At the conclusion of the company’s case there will be a two week hiatus to allow the parties to continue their negotiations. Assuming the company’s case is completed by April 27, the Unionsí case would begin on May 14. One week before, or in this example May 7, the Unions would serve its pleadings, declarations and exhibits.

3. At the end of the Unions’ case the PBGC and the UCC’s responsive cases, if any, would go forward. The company would then have the right to put on a rebuttal case that is not limited to the scope of the Unions’, the PBGC’s or the UCC’s responsive cases. However the Unions, the PBGC and the UCC would have the right to present a sur-rebuttal following the conclusion of the company’s rebuttal.

4. Post-hearing briefs would be due 3 business days after the hearing ends.

5. Section 1113 gives the court 30 days from the commencement of the hearing to issue a decision. The Stipulation and Order provide that this period will be tolled or extended by the two week break between the end of the company’s affirmative case and the beginning of the Unions’ responsive case. Accordingly, the court’s deadline for issuing a decision is June 6, 2012.


AFA-Eagle will be hosting picketing events in D/FW and ORD. Please show your support by attending one of these events.

D/FW April 10, 201211 am to 2 pm CT Upper Level Terminal B
ORD April 12, 2012 11 am to 3 pm CT Upper Level Terminal 3


Flight Attendants impacted by the North Texas tornadoes may be eligible for assistance from the Wings Foundation or the AMR Family Fund.

Please visit http://www.wingsfoundation.com/ or https://www.aafamilyfund.org/FamilyFund/index.html to learn more or to donate.


We have had several inquiries regarding procedures for Flight Attendants at the airport sitting availability for 4 hours that had not spoken to crew schedule and what they should do when those 4 hours have expired without an assignment.

Flight Attendants should continue trying to establish contact with crew scheduling prior to the end of the 4 hours. This is for two reasons: first to establish the exact time that the airport availability began, and second to ask the scheduler the preferred contact at the conclusion of the 4 hours. If the Flight Attendant cannot get through on the phone, they can ask the MOD to contact crew scheduling either by phone or by e-message with a time stamp of when the crew member left the airport. A HISEND to today’s scheduler sent from an airport computer by each Flight Attendant will work as well. The time stamp on the HISEND and the computer address would be the confirmation that the Flight Attendant was actually at the airport. Please do not use your personal electronic device to send the HISEND.


The FAA continues to maintain an increase of surveillance on AA, including audits for Flight Attendant manual compliance.
Please ensure manuals are updated and in compliance before boarding an aircraft as a working Crew Member.

The only way to ensure a manual is 100% in compliance is to verify each manual page with the latest LEP (list of effective pages).

The FAA has vowed to “crack down” on non-compliance with manuals and we can expect to see Flight Attendants receive civil penalties for violations of manual compliance.

The latest manual bulletins and revision are:

#3 10AUG11
#4 10AUG11
#7 20FEB12

#82 6MAR12

As APFA pushes for inclusion of Flight Attendants in the Known Crew Member Program it is imperative that all Flight Attendants comply with the TSA security directives and regulations.

Every Flight Attendant is reminded to examine each bag being used for work to ensure there are not any prohibited items inadvertently left in a bag prior to reporting for flying duty.

Please check the TSA prohibited items list on the crew security website at security.aa.com, under the resources tab, or at www.tsa.gov, to ensure you are in compliance with the current government policies.

USAir Flight Attendants Reject T/A

Last week USAir Flight Attendants overwhelmingly rejected a proposed Tentative Agreement. The rejection of the proposed agreement was a result of a TA that did not fully recognize the sacrifices by Flight Attendants that directly contributed to the success of USAir.

“Flight attendants have subsidized the cost of the merger and rising fuel costs for the ‘New US Airways,’ ” said union officials Deborah Volpe and Mark Gentile in a joint statement. “Management must recognize that our sacrifices have directly contributed to the success of US Airways.”

This is a story we know all to well here at American Airlines and as such we stand in unity with our brethren at USAir in their fight for a fair and equitable contract.


Recently there has been a rumor that the bankruptcy judge authorized the company to pay the annual Executive Bonuses. While we never know what the judge may do in the future as of the writing of this hotline that rumor is false.


APFA headquarters will be closed on Friday, April 6, 2012 in observance of the Good Friday and Easter holiday period. The office will re-open on Monday, April 9th at 9:00 CT.

Please remember there are currently 217 Members on furlough and awaiting recall.

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