4.14.12 – (LAA) – Joint Union Statement and Picketing Details

APFA Hotline – Joint Union Statement and Picketing Details

Today is Saturday, April 14, 2012. This is Leslie Mayo with this week’s APFA Hotline.

“AA’s propaganda machine is in full swing and it appears to have been caught with its pants down. This article, fueled by AA management, and published late Friday on a WSJ blog was quickly picked up by the wires. It generated a strongly-worded joint statement by the presidents of all three of AA’s unions Friday evening. It reads:

We appreciate the concern for the well-being of American Airlines and its employees that many have made public today.

As the elected leaders of the three major work groups at our company, we share their concerns. That is why we are working diligently to ensure that American Airlines can grow, flourish and compete.

We are also focused on securing the livelihoods and retirement plans of our members who have sacrificed a great deal for the company over the past decade. In order to accomplish these goals, we must exercise due diligence and examine every possibility.

In February, we were told by management that in order for American Airlines to reorganize successfully 14,000 employees would need to be terminated. Needless to say, we found that very troubling. Since those terms were introduced we have worked tirelessly to mitigate or avoid that scenario entirely. We are more than willing to brief stakeholders, including Senator Hutchison and Governor Fallin, on the progress we have made on that front.

In closing, we respectfully request that all stakeholders of American Airlines including lawmakers and everyone else with a vested interest in the outcome of the restructuring withhold judgment about any industry consolidation that could involve our airline until all of the facts become known.”

Captain Dave Bates
President, Allied Pilots Association (APA)

Laura Glading
President, Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA)

James C. Little
International President, Transport Workers Union of America (TWU)

The statement can be found on The Dallas Morning News Airline Blog.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg news published an article Friday†reiterating AA’s position that it won’t move from its $230m in further concessions it’s asking of the flight attendants. APFA†did not suspend negotiations as AA claims, rather we told the Company that we would return to the bargaining table as soon as it changes its take-it-or-leave-it demands. APFA gets it, the flight attendants get it – we expect now everyone gets it. Why then, does senior management feign disappointment over APFA’s commitment to prepare internally for the challenge that lies ahead in bankruptcy court rather than join AA at the concessions’ table while management tries to rearrange the furniture.

In nine days, the flight attendants of American Airlines will stand together at airports across the country, and outside the US Bankruptcy Court in New York City, to protest management’s desire to simply erase 35 years of bargaining history under the guise of a “restructured business plan.” After AA management’s billion dollar losses†over the past six years, all the while taking close to $400 million†in executive bonuses for this blatant lack of performance, APFA is wholly unconvinced that the labor costs of the American Airlines flight attendants is the problem.

APFA has planned a number of picketing events nationwide as well as other activities for our members to participate in beginning April 22, 2012, through April 23, 2012. Show support for your union as we attend day one of AA’s efforts to abrogate the labor contracts on the property in US Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York†beginning Monday, April 23rd.

Sunday, April 22, 2012, from 7pm to 9pm Local Base Time:
Shed Some Light
– Virtual Candlelight Vigil – We are asking flight attendants to upload a picture of your union pin with a light shining on it whether it’s natural light such as sunlight, light from a window on the airplane, or artificial light such as a match, candle, flashlight, galley light, etc… The photo can include anything else – the flight attendant, a landmark, nothing, whatever you desire. The only requirements are your union pin and light. We will display these photos online throughout the night and all day Monday the 23rd.

Monday, April 23, 2012, all day on board the aircraft and at all picketing events:
“Justice for†AAmerican Workers”
– All FAs attending picketing events, on the aircraft, or otherwise on duty should wear a white ribbon behind their wings.

Monday April 23, 2012,†Local picketing events – 11am to 1pm (BOS 6am to 10am):
“Justice for†AAmerican Workers”
– APFA requests all flight attendants to join the picket line at your base city or in New York at the Bankruptcy Court on the morning of April 23, 2012, if you are not otherwise on duty with American Airlines. Flight attendants are asked to come to the airport in uniform with their union pin and wings against a white ribbon. Specific airports other than each base city will be published next week.

APFA will provide further details as the date draws closer.

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