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5.12.12 – (LAA) – Three Unions will Present Their Cases to Preserve Our Current Bargaining Agreements

This is Leslie Mayo with a Hotline update for the week ending May 12, 2012.

Beginning Monday, May 14, 2012, each of American Airlines’ three unions will present their cases to preserve our current bargaining agreements before the bankruptcy judge. APFA’s case should begin mid-week and we will be live Tweeting the proceedings starting Wednesday morning. APFA’s Twitter feed is @APFAunity. We will include a daily summary on the hotline and also on Facebook.

Friday’s picketing events in New York and Dallas/Ft. Worth Friday morning were well attended, and received lots of media coverage not only in Ft. Worth but around the nation. APFA President Laura Glading represented APFA in the Unsecured Creditors Committee meeting on Friday while APFA Vice President Marcus Gluth and APA President Dave Bates spoke to the group of pilots and flight attendants gathered at APA Headquarters before leading a march to AMR’s main offices on Amon Carter Blvd. APFA’s petition was delivered to Centreport while the pilots, flight attendants and grounds workers waited outside along Amon Carter in almost complete silence. It was an awe-inspiring sight. The response to our 6-day petition drive was overwhelming† and still today names continue to roll in via email. APFA’s delivered petition contained 11,389 names.

If you are not signed up for APFA’s Hotline you can do so at Members should, click here, non-members click here.

As the company announced last week, bids have been delayed a few days. Bid packets should be delivered no later than Friday, May 18th. Bids open on the 19th and close on the 23rd at 0001. Bids will be finalized by May 25th.

If you are interested in getting involved in union work and based at IOR, BOS or STL, willingness to serve notices have been mailed to members at those bases for the position of Vice Chair. You can also download a copy on our web site by clicking here.

United Airlines has finalized their procedures for FAs to make online listings via the ID-90T Listing Tool. For details, go to Member Resources > Reciprocal Agreements or click here. In short, it will now be possible for you to check in up to 24-hours in advance once a listing has been made for all UA mainline flights. Skywest/United Express flight procedures have not changed and still include completing paperwork at the gate. If you have any trouble with these procedures send an email with all details to

For some great photos of our April 23, 2012 systemwide event, including photos from the picketing in front of the bankruptcy court, click here and click on “Picketing Photos – 4.23.12.” We received some very creative pictures from flight attendants of their union pin displayed in natural or artificial light. Click here to view those photos and select “Shed Some Light.” Next week we will have photos available from Friday’s picketing in Dallas Ft. Worth as well. If you have any pictures you”d like to see on your union’s web site, email a copy to

That’s it for this week. Thank you for calling the APFA Hotline.

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