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6.27.12 – (LAA) – Letter from APFA National President Regarding BOD’s Voting to Support Sending Management’s LBFO as TA to Pilots for a Vote

This is APFA President Laura Glading with a Special Hotline Update. Today is June 27, 2012.

Today the APA Board of Directors voted 9-7 in support of sending management’s Last Best Final Offer as a Tentative Agreement to the pilots for a vote. The Judge has decided to delay his decision on AMR’s 1113 motion requesting abrogation of our contracts until after the ratification process has finished. The judge will announce his decision on August 8, 2012.

As we enter the busy summer season I want to make sure you have the most current information from our team of bankruptcy professionals. I have heard from thousands of flight attendants over the past few months. Although many of you are excited about the prospect of merging our company with US Airways to create a new and stronger airline, many are also confused and in some cases worried by the bankruptcy process. Certainly, conflicting reports in the media and the rumors they cause do not help this problem. The purpose of this letter, therefore, is to clarify the situation as much as possible as we approach a period of heightened activity.

As we know, this bankruptcy is unique and it has presented a rare opportunity. A merger with US Airways, as proposed, will bring American Airlines back to a position of preeminence in our industry. A merged American-US Airways will provide long-term job security as well as stability for our compensation and benefits. It will grow and strengthen our network, provide critical cost-savings and synergies, and establish a powerful third carrier to compete with Delta and United. Because of these reasons, achieving this merger is the singular goal of APFA’s bankruptcy team and our counterparts at APA and TWU. Each action our organizations take, individually or together, is calculated with this goal in mind.

Next week, our negotiating team agreed to sit down with AMR management to once again work towards achieving a contract. As we have said throughout the bankruptcy, APFA is willing to negotiate as long as management is willing to move from their original demands, which were unacceptable. It would appear, given the developments with APA, that AMR is finally willing to do that. Our team will work to achieve not only favorable terms for our membership, but also assurances that American will cooperate with potential investors. In order for the merger to become a reality, US Airways needs to be able to review the financial “nuts and bolts” of American Airlines and use that information to prepare a comprehensive bid. The APFA and our counterparts at APA and TWU are working to move that process along smoothly.

Please keep in mind that the bankruptcy process is fluid; this one in particular. Changes happen regularly, often at the last possible moment. Fortunately, our bankruptcy team is on top of every development and even the most unexpected shift can’t shake their resolve. We are in daily contact with both APA and TWU and our communications with them are open and honest. The APFA Hotline continues to be the best source of information regarding this bankruptcy and I encourage you to read it carefully.

As has become typical over the past seven months, the coming days and weeks will be challenging. I ask you to please remain positive and professional and, as always, if you or a colleague is experiencing symptoms of extreme stress, reach out to APFA’s EAP Representatives. Thank you for all you do.

In Unity,

Laura Glading
APFA President

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