6.30.12 – (LAA) – Bankruptcy Update, CrewLounge, Betty Ong Recreation Center

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA Hotline for the week ending June 30, 2012.

Bankruptcy Update
As we reported Wednesday, APA agreed to send out AA’s last best final offer to its membership as a Tentative Agreement. Voting will commence in a few weeks and ballots will be counted on August 8. The judge says he will announce his decision within seven days of that date.
On that note, we have heard from some of you who are frustrated with the ever-changing decision date. It is not an easy process and no one is enjoying the yo-yo factor of postponing and postponing. However, it is in our best interest, undoubtedly, to maintain our current contract as long as possible. Also, during this period, we continue to accrue for purposes of vesting for our pensions.
APFA has spent the last week analyzing the pilots’ T/A and gathering as much information as possible to prepare for our bargaining sessions with the company beginning July 3rd. We will meet in unmediated sessions with management in the D/FW area. As we have stated over and over in this hotline, our goal is to do what is best for the long term success of our members and our future with this company.
The dynamics of the flight attendants’ role in this bankruptcy reorganization are ever-changing and unique like no airline bankruptcy proceedings before us. We have signed a Term Sheet with US Airways that will take place if US Airways is successful in its bid before AMR exits bankruptcy. Our goal is to see that happen. The alternative would be an American Airlines run by the same management, in the same way, with the same results. No one wants to be back here in a few years giving another dime.
Friday, American announced that  along with the Unsecured Creditors Committee they will jointly request an extension until December 28, 2012. Obviously, these parties believe that AA needs more time to put together a plan of reorganization (“POR”). While APFA wants AA to get out of bankruptcy as quickly as possible we also want to be sure that US Airways has the time to perform the necessary “due diligence” to make an informed offer and AA takes the time it needs to seriously consider it. With this extension, American can’t steamroll through this Chapter 11 and ignore a strategic alternative that is far superior to its Standalone Plan.
Your union leadership is working non stop to secure the future of the flight attendants. Please do not listen to rumors. That is the company’s best tool to try to exit bankruptcy standing alone with Tom Horton at the helm on the backs of union concessions. Please read the hotline, contact a union rep, whatever it takes to get accurate information from a reliable source. We will keep you informed every step of the way. Thank you for your continued support.
New Flight Attendant iPhone Application
Of interest, a new iPhone app, CrewLounge , has just been put on the market for users of Decs, Res and JetNet online services. Unlike the free APFA Flyer app that we make available on our web site for all members in good standing, this is not an APFA-sponsored or APFA-endorsed product.
Betty Ann Ong Recreation Center
In honor of our fallen colleague and Flight 11 (9-11-01) heroine, Boston based Flight Attendant; Betty Ann Ong there will be a re-dedication of the historic Chinese Recreation Center in Chinatown, San Francisco on July 14, 12 noon.   It will re-open as the new Betty Ann Ong Chinese Recreation Center, after a $21 million dollar renovation. San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee will lead the ribbon cutting ceremony.
Betty’s family is actively and passionately involved in the re-opening of the Rec Center. The cost of the renovations were born by the city of San Francisco. However, they are in great need of recreational equipment. If you would like to make a donation to Recreation Center dedicated to our hero Betty Ong, please visit www.bettyong.org/Donations.htm .
That’s it for now. Thank you for calling the APFA Hotline.

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