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8.19.12 – (LAA) – Balloting Results to approve or reject the Company’s Last, Best, and Final Offer

A Message from the APFA National Officers 8.19.12
This morning concluded the balloting to approve or reject the Company’s Last, Best, and Final Offer. The results were as follows:

Yes: 7,482 votes or 59.52%
No: 5,088 votes or 40.48%
Eligible Voters: 13,544 of which 12,570 cast a ballot representing 92.8% of the eligible voters
Ineligible Votes cast: 990
Phone ballots cast: 9,482 or 75.4%
Web ballots cast: 3,088 or 24.6%

As a result, the LBFO will take effect immediately following approval of the Bankruptcy Court. We expect a decision from the court within the next two weeks.  Please continue to watch these hotline communications for further instructions and details. We appreciate your patience as we work through these logistics.

In light of last week’s announcement from the Creditors’ Committee, our bankruptcy team firmly believes we have achieved everything possible. If for some reason that proves not to be the case however, our membership can rest assured that our “Me, Too” letter will provide us with any further improvements the APA achieves.
We will now continue our strong and concise message that we have zero confidence in this management team.  We firmly believe that the only way for American Airlines to grow and compete and perhaps even to survive is through a merger that puts Doug Parker and his team in charge.
For now we must remain strong and professional and work to heal from this very stressful process.  It is important to remember who and what has caused this horrible situation: our current management team. The challenges will continue; let’s face them together. We must continue to work together to rebuild, sustain and maintain our unity and proud history.

With this vote behind us, our focus will be on achieving a merger with US Airways which will improve on the LBFO and re-establish pride and viability to American Airlines.

Thank you to all who voted.

In Unity,

Laura Glading, President
Marcus Gluth, Vice President
Jeff Pharr, Secretary
Greg Gunter, Treasurer

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