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8.21.12 – (LAA) – Implementation Update

A Letter From APFA President Laura Glading – 8.21.12

Dear Fellow Flight Attendants,
A great deal has transpired since November 29, 2011. In some ways, it culminated with Sunday’s vote on the LBFO. This may have been the most important vote any one of us cast in our long careers. I was hopeful that everyone would make their voices heard and with a nearly 93 percent voter turnout, that goal was practically accomplished.

Of the 12,570 APFA members who cast a ballot, a solid majority voted “Yes.” I was one of them. However, APFA members on both sides of this debate were organized and vocal. I understand that there is a significant bloc of flight attendants that voted to reject the LBFO and pursue the more hard line strategy. I fully appreciate the reasoning behind the 5,088 “No” votes. What’s more, I share the emotion that had a role in fueling that movement.
Regardless of the ballot’s outcome one thing is clear: no one’s vote indicated confidence in American Airlines management. That is not what this vote was about. This vote was about choosing a strategy to accomplish our ultimate goal: to realize a merger with US Airways while our Company is still in bankruptcy. That is how we will achieve a network contract, a new management team, and the job security that comes with working for an airline that can compete with United and Delta. We have made our choice and although it was not unanimous, our effort to pursue it can be.

Our membership has had enough of the failed leadership at our Company. We want real change and fair dealing. We want our airline back. We all want that.
On April 20, 2012, the three unions at American Airlines announced that we had reached agreements in principle with US Airways and would work to that end.When flight attendants saw that we had the opportunity to determine our own destiny, an incredible groundswell of support changed everything.That is what we have to do now. We must focus our efforts not on tearing each other down or continuing a debate that is over, but on achieving a merger with US Airways that puts Doug Parker at the controls. It is the employees that will write the next chapter of American Airlines’ history.

We may be exhausted and embattled, but I know we have enough fight left in us to go another round. And another, and another, if necessary. It is a privilege to fight alongside each of you.
In Unity,

Laura Glading
APFA President
817.540.0108 x8101


APFA Hotline – Implementation Update
APFA Hotline Update – Implementation Info – August 21, 2012

Now that the ratification process is complete, APFA will be working with AA to solidify the implementation timeline and the VEOP (Early Out) election process. We hope to have more details on the timeline from AA shortly. The information will be posted as soon possible.

The company says they do not plan to implement any changes prior to the judge’s approval of the LBFO. That should happen the first week of September, so it’s likely we won’t see any changes prior to October 1, 2012. We will get a date of distribution after Bankruptcy Court approval.
Q:  Can an FA defer the DOS lump sum to his/her 401(k)?
A: Yes, FAs who will be receiving a DOS lump sum (all FAs except those on furlough) and who are $uper$aver – 401(k) Plan participants may elect to have their DOS lump sum deferred into their 401(k) account on a pre-tax or designated Roth basis.
It will be a special distribution, like the AIP Award, and if you wish to defer these earnings into your 401k account, you will need to make an election for this special disbursement. Once the date of the payment is determined, FAs will have a  window of opportunity to make the change.
From the main page of the JPMorgan Web site,, sign in to access your $uper$aver – 401(k) account, click on the plan name and that will quick link to your account detail.  Locate the “Contribution Amount” link under the Account Management section (left hand side of the screen), click on the link.  Enter a percentage amount on either the “Before-tax Special Election” or “Roth Special Election” line under the Regular Contribution Amount box.
Important Note:  Employees who elected in the past to have AIP Award deferred to $uper$aver and do not wish to have the DOS lump sum deferred into their $uper $aver – 401(k) account will need to change the Contribution Amount selection on this site as well since the previous selection will apply to the lump sum payment.

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