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8.22.12 – (LAA) – Implementation Info, PVDs, 30/7 Background

 APFA Hotline – Implementation Info, PVDs, 30/7 Background – August 22, 2012
Members are obviously eager to learn exactly when the terms of the LBFO will be implemented. Until Judge Lane approves the contract, which we presume will be sometime in the first two weeks of September, we will continue to operate under our current contract, including the accruing pension credit.

The company has said they will release information later this week about accepting applications for the early out option (VEOP). Note that for the month of September, there will be no changes to our contract.

Question: When the 3 hour daily value for PVDs is implemented, will it apply to the previous month for pay purposes?
No, PVDs would be paid at  the daily rate beginning with the implementation month, which is set for October.

Question: If I have already taken 6 or more PVDs this year, will I then have zero days remaining in 2012 once the new contract is implemented?
If you’ve taken 6 or more, you will not have any PVDs remaining for use in 2012.

We have received questions about the FAR governing 30/7 and how it can be permanently waived in the newly-ratified LBFO. Until eighteen years ago, all crewmembers were covered under FAR 121.471. In ’94, FAR 121.467 was created with flight attendants in mind and did not contain 30/7, nevertheless, airline labor contracts did not drop the provision.

Eventually, most airlines migrated to the flight attendant-specific FAR provision beginning in 2001 allowing FAs to voluntarily drop their 30/7 that had been allowed since 1994.

Provided our contract is approved by the court, we anticipate that management will begin implementing certain areas of the new contract beginning with the contractual month of October. If that is the case, the following timeline, published by the company, would likely apply:

Effective October 1 or the First Full contractual Month Following DOS (Date of Signing)

Eliminate Domestic aft galley pay
Eliminate International pay rates and replace with $3.00/hourly override
PVDs paid at daily rate
SK clearance moved to 1200 local base time
Effective October 1

Eliminate 30-in-7
Limit PVDs
Increase monthly schedule max (actual bid lines expected to increase in November)
Effective November 1

Lineholders will have 10 24-hour DFPs (option to relinquish 2 DFPs will happen at a later date TBD)
New On-Duty and Duty-Aloft limitations
Other Key Dates

Increased cross-utilization of Domestic/International reserves – estimated 1Q2013
Implement split SK bank – targeted July 2013
Implement PBS – estimated 4Q2013
Includes VC paid at daily rate
Fully combined Domestic/International operation
Includes 100 hour trip protection
Automated Daily Bidding – TBD
Implement Reserve TA items – TBD
Cross-Division and Out of Base flying for lineholders – TBD
Implement interim pay protection – TBD no later than DOS+12
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