9.28.12 – (LAA) – TSP Closing, Departure Date Ballot for TSP and VEOP, Required International Training for Domestic FAs Subject to Reserve, US Airways TA, FA Coalition, Uniform Points


Weekly Hotline Update 9.28.12 

This is Leslie Mayo, National Communications Coordinator, with the APFA Hotline for Friday, September 28, 2012.
TSP Closes at 2300 Friday, September 28, 2012
So far about 40 FAs have elected to take the Travel Separation Program. The window to submit your request will close on Friday, September 28, 2012 at 2300 CDT.  To submit your election, click on the “Travel Separation Election Page” link in the upper right corner of the Flight Service website.
Departure Date Ballot for TSP and VEOP
The TSP/VEOP Departure Date Ballot will be open October 3, 2012 and will close October 17, 2012 at 1000 CDT. The ballot will be accessed through the Crew Resources page of the Flight Service website.
All FAs who elected the TSP/VEOP will bid for a month in which they will separate. The awards will be made based on system-wide seniority. APFA recommends that you bid for all months in order of preference, as you will be assigned a month if you cannot hold one of your choices. For those FAs who will turn 50 before September 30, 2013 and do not want a separation date prior to their 50th birthday, they should only select months in which they will be 50 on or before the effective date.
From The Scheduling Department
As a reminder, if your trip cancels during the Last 5 Days, AND you see on your HI1 the “Pay Protection Header”, ensure that you place your name on the MU LIST for ALL the Calendar Days in your Obligation {OBL} window.

Remember, too, that your Guarantee is protected, if your trip that cancels falls under the Last 5 Days Pay Protection [Article 9.P.6], and you are protecting the value of your “lost” trip, not your Guarantee. Please refer to page 23 of the On-Duty Contract guide or Article 9.P.6 of the Contract for the full details of Last 5 Days Pay Protection.
Required International Training for Domestic FAs Subject to Reserve
As we mentioned in a previous hotline, AA will begin training Domestic FAs subject to Reserve beginning in November. Click here for details and a Q&A related to this topic.
Retiree Medical and the 1114 Process
The company has posted a notice that anyone who initiates retiree medical coverage prior to November 1, 2012 will receive the Retiree Medical plan in effect now and as it may be modified in the future through the Bankruptcy 1114 process (Incumbent Plan).  Anyone retiring November 1, 2012 and after will be under the Retiree Medical plan ratified in the LBFO (New Retiree Medical Plan).

Under Section 1114 of the Bankruptcy Code, the company cannot modify the retirement benefits of current retirees (in this case, anyone who has retired prior to November 1, 2012), without first making a proposal to, and negotiating with, the official Committee representing retirees, which is known as the “1114 Committee” or the “Retiree Committee.”  The APFA has one seat on that Committee, which represents all current retirees from all working groups.  If negotiations fail to reach an agreement, the company can ask the court for authority to modify or eliminate retirement benefits, under a standard similar to that applied to the 1113 contract rejection process.  The 1114 negotiation process is in the early stages, with a meeting scheduled for next week between the 1114 Committee and the attorneys for American Airlines in Washington, DC.  There is no way to tell at this point how that process will end up and, thus no way to know at this point if the Incumbent Plan will in the long run be the same as, better, or worse than the New Retiree Medical Plan.
US Airways Tentative Agreement
With nearly 85% of the eligible voters casting their ballots, the US Airways T/A was voted down 2,811 NO and 2,716 YES. A difference of 95 votes.
Flight Attendant Coalition
The Flight Attendant Union Coalition met in Washington, D.C. for meetings Thursday and Friday of this week. The Coalition kicked off its activities with a press conference to announce the formal endorsement of President Obama’s re-election. Laura Glading spoke on behalf of the APFA, citing American’s bankruptcy:
“Bankruptcy has brought the Presidential race home for APFA members. The Pensions Benefit Guaranty Corporation, and the President’s appointees there have played a critical role in protecting us and our benefits. I cannot thank them enough. On the other hand, Mr. Romney’s former colleagues at Bain and Co. have been paid millions by our broke company to help balance the books with a check from the employees. They are experts in leveraging the bankruptcy code to cut salaries, benefits, even jobs.”
The Coalition’s endorsement follows each member union’s individual endorsement. APFA’s Executive Committee resolved to endorse the President’s re-election and support campaign efforts on May 31.
Click here to read the Coalition press release.
Clarification to the Uniform Points:
FAs will receive the current allotment of uniform points (12) in January 2013. In January 2014, the FAs points will be based on the hours flown in the previous year:
1,200 paid hours or more – 20 points
1,000 paid hours – 18 points
900 paid hours – 14 points
700 paid hours – 12 points
500 paid hours – 10 points
420 paid hours – 6 points

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