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10.8.12 – (LAA) – Petition AMR Board to Support Merger with US Airways Inside Bankruptcy


APFA Hotline Update 10.8.12

Calling All AA and US Airways Employees – SIGN THE PETITION

With every signature encouraging AMR’s Board to support a merger with US Airways inside bankruptcy, an individual email will be sent to each Director. So far, each of the Board of Directors has received 2,364 emails. Let’s push that number over the top. It takes less than 30 seconds to sign this petition – you don’t even have to use your name. Just sign your company and years of service if you so desire; that’s it!

Don’t hesitate to pass this information on. Anyone who is affected by the detioration of the AA brand should feel welcome to add their name to this petition.

AmericanAirlines + US Airways
“Our Future Depends On It”

Leslie Mayo
APFA National Communications Coordinator 

APFA Hotline Update 10.8.12

Sick Clearance/Day-Before Coverage Procedures and APA Term Sheet Delays

Sick Clearance/Day-Before Coverage
During regular Section 6 Bargaining, changing Sick (SK) Clearance was tied directly to pay protection, an improved seniority-based system of covering Open Time, Reserve assignments at 1700, local base time (LBT) and, over time, a reduction in Reserve numbers and Reserve seniority.

Changing the Sick Clearance time may sound innocuous but like so many of our scheduling rules, one thing leads to another and so on. The manner in which our trip(s) are covered is greatly affected by releasing SK Trips at 12N local base time (LBT). Flight Attendants who have an “obligation” to the Company [AVBL, Misconnection, Illegality, Cancelation (MIC)/Low-Time Obligated (LO)] need a reliable method of accessing the newly released SK Trips.

The Company’s decision to implement the sick clearance as a stand-alone item has required us to focus on ways to mitigate any negative effects on our members in this interim between the Company’s implementation of sick clearance at noon and a fully automated seniority-based method of covering open time in conjunction with full pay protection. To that end, we have reached the following interim agreement on Order of Open Time Day-Before Coverage, which will commence, 21OCT12, for Trip(s) departing on 22OCT12, along with the SK Clearance at 12Noon (LBT).

The interim Day-Before coverage timeline’s first round will be the “Merged-Make Up (MU) HISEND Round.” AVBL, MIC/LO and MU Flight Attendants – as a combined group – will be able to participate. All eligible Flight Attendants will have to put themselves on the MU List and send a HISEND to be considered in the merged MU HISEND round.
Here is a link on APFA’s web site with more information on the Day-Before Coverage timeline, including Questions and Answers.

APA Term Sheet Delays
Last week’s announcement that pieces of the pilot’s 1113 Term Sheet implementation has been delayed was frustrating news to all our members. Many are asking, why then did we ratify the LBFO when we could have voted it down and be in the same place as the pilots? That is a valid question, but it is highly likely that our post-LBFO rejection results would not be the same as those of the pilots.

Regardless, APFA has a “me, too” clause with the pilots so that any reduction in their total ask will translate to improvements for us, too. APFA has noticed the company that we are taking a full accounting of any value the pilots accrue as the 1113 Term Sheet items are delayed. There is no doubt that we are better off watching what’s transpiring while we work under the LBFO than working under AA’s 1113 Term Sheet that would unlikely have been “deferred.”

AmericanAirlines + US Airways
“Our Future Depends On It”
Leslie Mayo
APFA National Communications Coordinator

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