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10.31.12 – (LAA) – WINGS Disaster Relief, Benefits Enrollment

APFA Hotline Update – 10.31.12

WINGS Disaster Relief – 2013 Benefits Enrollment – OEs: Why and Why Not?

Disaster Relief Fund
Hurricane Sandy has left a devastating trail of damage to the Northeast. The WINGS Foundation’s Flight Attendant Disaster Relief Fund (FADRF) is available to assist any Flight Attendant whose home has been affected. WINGS FADRF provides immediate short-term relief to AA Flight Attendants whose primary residence is damaged or destroyed by any catastrophic event or natural disaster. If you are aware of Flight Attendants who may need help, please contact us immediately by clicking here or emailing the Wings Foundation. You can also call Geoff Stafford at 703.864.8164.

The Fund was established in 1991, in the aftermath of a series of natural disasters that struck in areas where American Airlines Flight Attendants lived & worked. The program may provide for the purchase of such essentials as food, water & temporary shelter.

For information about Flight Attendant Disaster Relief Assistance please contact:

Geoff Stafford
Phone: 703-864-8164
Click Here to Send eMail

2013 Benefits Enrollment Opens Tomorrow – November 1st 2012

The benefits enrollment for period for 2013 will begin November 1st for two weeks only, ending on November 16th,

It is important that all members log on and complete an active enrollment. All employees who are currently covered by one of the AA benefits plans (Standard or Value Plus) will be defaulted to the Standard Plan if they do not complete an enrollment online. Likewise, employees with HMO coverage will default to coverage with the same HMO (except for the Aetna Philadelphia HMO which will no longer be offered – these employees will default to the Standard Plan). Employees who waived medical coverage for 2012 will default to no coverage for 2013 if they do not complete their enrollment.
By now you should have received your 2013 benefits options overview from AA. Please review your options carefully as there are significant changes to the cost structure for all health plans in 2013. More information is available via the benefits page of Jetnet, or visit

To OE or Not to OE?
Many FAs are wondering how trip trades and OEs will work as the LBFO is implemented. First of all, the “OE” experience will not change. OEs will remain uncredited and only reflected in the Pay Projection column of your schedule. If flown, they will be paid above the sick cap of 80 Domestic and 85 hours International – and, once the operations are combined, 85 hours for both. Just as before, OEs will not be paid if not flown and they are not eligible for PVDs.

Trip Trades will still be important as we move toward the 100-hour pay protection that applies once PBS is implemented. All scheduled flying, trip trades and company time (Make Up, Option and Critical Coverage time) will increase the protected “guarantee.” However, with OEs there is no change from current practice, i.e., OEs are pay protected if the last trip in the last five days of the month.
Also, with the elimination of Option Two, regular FAs desiring company time may access open flying through Make Up and Option flying during Day Before Coverage. For FAs below 100 hours, they may participate in Make Up. For those above 100 hours, they may request Option flying which will be awarded after Make Up.
The company may flag certain trips as “critical coverage.” These trips will be paid at time and a half (150%) of the FAs hourly wage. Critical Coverage trips may be designated in advance or in actual operations, as determined by the company.
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