11.17.12 – (LAA) – Sick Pay, LBFO December Implementation, Reserve Numbers, Contract Cabin Cleaners, 737 Staffing Minimum Crew, Reciprocal Cabin Seat Agreement with Spirit Airlines


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November 17, 2012

We continue to receive several questions on this topic every day. To be clear: Neither our Sick Pay nor AA’s Sick Policy have changed. Sick Pay continues to be paid (out of your sick bank) per sequence, NOT at a daily rate.

This month brings with it the first opportunity for Reserve FAs to be paid on top of guarantee. With that, we are very disappointed that, despite AA’s implementation of both Critical Coverage and Reserve Option Flying (L2) for the December bid month, the Company announced on the bidsheet that they are unable to implement the OR component beginning December 2nd. With incentive pay gone, it is more important than ever that our workgroup be compensated appropriately as outlined in the LBFO. We will continue to push the company to make the necessary changes in their software by December 2nd. We will keep you posted with any updates.
 “Critical Coverage” will begin for the Contractual Month of December for both Regularly Scheduled FAs and Reserves. If you fly a Critical Coverage trip, your HI1 will indicate CC for Regularly Scheduled FAs and CR for Reserves.

The Company determines the specific sequences that qualify for critical coverage at each base, much like Option II before, and FAs can access planned CC flying and Reserve Option Flying (L2) by using  RF 8803 CCS. Both Regularly-Scheduled and Reserve FAs desiring to fly CC and L2 should add their name to the list using the following entry: HIHP/StartDate/EndDate/XC.
Hours in the sequence will be paid at 1.5 times the hourly rate-of-pay per each of our specific pay steps. Critical Coverage and Reserve Option Flying (L2) flying for Reserves is part of Supplemental Flying, per Article 10.D, and Reserves may use up to four (4) Duty-Free Periods (DFP’s) for such flying.

Please note: There is an error on the Bidsheet in the Day-Before Coverage timeline: The timeline incorrectly reflects HVBL Flight Attendants’ self-plot time as 0800-1200. The timeline for HVBL FAs to pre-plot has not changed, and it continues to be from 0500-1200.

Crew Resources stated that this year’s Reserve numbers are higher than last year’s due to the increased rate of sick year over year and the anticipated sick rate through the Holidays. International Reserve is planned at 15.3%, which is 1.1% higher than last year resulting in 71 more FAs on Int’l Reserve system wide. Domestic Reserve is at 22.6%, which is 1.5% higher than last year, meaning that 103 more FAs will be on Domestic Reserve.

Security procedures and cabin security search requirements have not changed with the recent introduction of the new contracted cabin service employees who are now responsible for the cabin service cleaning duties and cabin security searches. Currently, SIDA-badged AA personnel are escorting new AA contracted cabin cleaners as they perform their duties on the aircraft. While the airport authorities complete their vetting process and issue SIDA badges to the contract employees, please remain as vigilant as always about aircraft security. Flight Attendants who encounter anyone in the SIDA area without a SIDA badge, not under escort, should immediately report that information to the Captain and the Agent, and document it with an AMR Event Report. Also, Flight Attendants are encouraged to report any lapse in required cabin cleaning and restocking encountered on any flights as well as questions/concerns regarding cabin security to safety@apfa.org.

Currently AA is modifying the 737 fleet by adding the “Main Cabin Extra” (MCE) to all 737 aircraft. The process of modification has resulted in three separate configurations of the 737; 16/134, 16/138 and 16/144. The 737 aircraft configured with 16/134 has a total of 150 maximum passenger seating capacity, which allows for a minimum crew of 3 Flight Attendants. 737 aircraft with 16/138 and 16/144 require a minimum crew of 4 Flight Attendants. At present, AA has assured APFA that planned staffing for all 737 bid lines and sequences will be staffed with 4 Flight Attendants regardless of which 737 aircraft configuration is utilized for the sequence. However, due to operational necessity, it is legal to deploy the 737 aircraft with 16/134 with a minimum crew of 3 Flight Attendants. If any Flight Attendant is assigned to a 737 aircraft with only 3 Flight Attendants, they should confirm the configuration of that 737 with the gate agent and ensure the required minimum crew is met before passenger boarding begins. If the maximum passenger seating equals 150 or less, 3 Flight Attendants are required and if the maximum passenger seating equals 154 or 160, 4 Flight Attendants are required for the flight. Any questions regarding the 737 and required minimum crew should be directed to safety@apfa.org.

And finally, we have another reciprocal cabin seat agreement to announce this week, this time with Spirit beginning December 4th. This will be unlimited main cabin space-available travel and no prior flight listing is required. FAs should check in at least one hour prior to departure and obtain and fill out an “ACM Pass” (Additional Crew Member) from the ticket counter or gate agent. Upon boarding, the gate agent retains one copy, the Captain, the other.

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