Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

1.04.13 – (LAA) – Base Representative Election


APFA Special Hotline Update


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Base Representative Election Hotline
This is Cindy Horan with the APFA National Ballot Committee. Today, January 4, 2013, was the deadline for the Base Representative Willingness-to-Serve Notifications.  The National Ballot Committee has certified the following Base Representatives duly elected to a two-year term of office beginning April 1, 2013.
Chairperson                                           Eugenio Vargas
Vice Chairperson                                  

Chairperson                                           Robert Valenta
Vice Chairperson                                  Tim Weston
Operation Council Representative     Paul Harrison

Chairperson                                           Pending Election Results
Vice Chairperson                                  Margaret Barnes
Operation Council Representative     Mark Arceneaux

Operation Council Representative     Kim Boyett
Operation Council Representative     Bobby Clay
Operation Council Representative     Vicki Dale
Operation Council Representative     K. Ryan Duvall
Operation Council Representative     Dinel Easley
Operation Council Representative     Danette Hamlin
Operation Council Representative     Linda Haertling
Operation Council Representative     Sam Morales*
Operation Council Representative     Kerstin Taylor
Operation Council Representative     Michael Truan
Operation Council Representative     Stephen Watson
Chairperson                                           Ted Bedwell
Vice Chairperson                                  Maureen Walsh-Martin
Operation Council Representative      DeeAnna Green

Operation Council Representative      Patrick Hancock
Operation Council Representative      Ron Harris
Operation Council Representative      Gregory Henry
Operation Council Representative      Daniel Koukes
Operation Council Representative      Lena Maltese
Operation Council Representative      Richard McGraw
Operation Council Representative      Alvaro Munoz
Operation Council Representative      Izumi Okada-Isherwood
Operation Council Representative      Bellia Peckson
Operation Council Representative      Catherine Sharp
Chairperson                                            Randy Trautman
Vice Chairperson                                   Pending Election Results
Operation Council Representative       Kevin Johnson*

Operation Council Representative       Heidi Morgan Prayon
Operation Council Representative       Kelly Skyles
Operation Council Representative       Joseph Stanko*
Chairperson                                            Susan Wroble
Vice Chairperson                                   Brian Pinkowski
Operation Council Representative      Lonny Glover

Operation Council Representative      Sharron Lennox
Operation Council Representative      Liz Mallon
Chairperson                                            Pending Election Results
Vice Chairperson                                   Pending Election Results             
Operation Council Representative      Suzanne Edwards
Operation Council Representative      Jo Ann Matley Sheehan
Operation Council Representative      Michelle Nasca
Operation Council Representative      Brent Peterson
Operation Council Representative      Mario St.Michel
Operation Council Representative      Dane Townsend-Pepper*
Operation Council Representative      Joe Trudell*
Operation Council Representative      Jessica T Washington
Operation Council Representative      Dan Zidan
Chairperson                                           John C. Nikides
Vice Chairperson                                  Kristin T. McCullor
Operation Council Representative      Del Greene

Operation Council Representative      Ken Lenard
Pending Election Results

Vice Chairperson                                   Pending Election Results
Operation Council Representative      Kathleen Clements
Operation Council Representative      Tony Leonhardt
Operation Council Representative      Heidi Sakacs*
Pending Election Results

Vice Chairperson                                   Phillip Clifton
Operation Council Representative      Timothy Burns
Pending Election Results

Vice Chairperson                                   Pending Election Results
Operation Council Representative      Patrick Farrell

Chairperson                                           A. Todd Breckenridge
Vice Chairperson                                  Debbie Dent
Operation Council Representative      Susan Balthazor

Operation Council Representative      Eric Bergman
Operation Council Representative      Todd Cesa
Operation Council Representative      Lydia Ecklund
Chairperson                                           Fiona MacPherson
Vice Chairperson                                  

Operation Council Representative     Peggy Turley
Chairperson                                           Larry Salas
Vice Chairperson                                  Julie Hedrick
Operation Council Representative     Cathy Salas

Chairperson                                           Matthew Foust
Vice Chairperson                                  Forrest A Blake
Operation Council Representative     Nena Martin

There will be elections for the Chairperson at BOS, DFW, LAXI, LGA, JFK and MIA. There will be elections for the Vice Chairperson at LAXI, JFK, MIA and IMA. The candidates are as follows:
BOS Chairperson
Megan Corrigan
William C. Denmark Jr.
DFW Chairperson
Samuel Morales

Chris O’Kelley
LAX-I Chairperson
David Ransom

Justin Wildish

LAX-I Vice Chairperson
Kelli Harrington
Heidi Sakacs
LGA Chairperson
Wilson (Willie) Aviles
Christian Casadey
Tim Todd
JFK Chairperson
Jaana Lehtola

Raymond Lewis

JFK Vice Chairperson
Joe Trudell

Dane Townsend-Pepper
MIA Chairperson
Jamie Gillard

Julie May Moyer

MIA Vice Chairperson
Gailen David
Melinda Hill
IMA Vice Chairperson
Kevin Johnson
Todd McJunkin
Joseph Stanko
(correction) Ballots for these elections will be mailed on January 23, 2013 and will be due on February 22, 2013. If you have any questions concerning these elections, call or email the National Ballot Committee at APFA headquarters, ext. 8311 or

* Pending outcome of Chair and Vice Chair Elections

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