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1.11.13 – (LAA) – Exercise Your Right to Vote, AMR Files Another Motion to Extend Exclusivity, Staffing, Sick Bank Hours, Sick Pay, MU/Option/CC, Me Too, AMR Stock, KCM, 777-300ER Aircraft Update, Retiree Seminar, DFW Day in Ops


APFA Weekly Hotline – January 11, 2013

Exercise Your Right To Vote!
Balloting for APFA base representatives begins January 23. Our constitution mandates that each base chair, vice chair, and OCR be directly elected by the membership, giving APFA members a uniquely powerful voice. Electronic voting concludes on February 22, 2013. If you have any questions concerning these upcoming elections, call the National Ballot Committee at APFA headquarters at (817)540-0108, ext. 8311 or send an email to

AMR Files Another Motion To Extend Exclusivity
AMR filed another motion to extend exclusivity. If granted, the exclusive periods would be extended by 20 days – the deadline for filing a plan of reorganization (“POR”) would run until April 1st rather than March 11th, and the deadline to obtain acceptances of the POR would be May 31st instead of May 10th.  It should be noted that AMR’s right to seek additional extensions is nearly exhausted as the Bankruptcy Code imposes an absolute limit on the exclusivity periods to 18 months for filing the POR and 20 months for obtaining acceptances. With the petition in this case having been filed on November 29, 2011, the time to file a plan and to secure acceptances could not be extended beyond May 29 and July 29, respectively.

FAs should submit any issues that arise when attempting to accomplish assigned duties on board as a result of staffing changes, particularly as these issues relate to transcontinental and Caribbean flying. APFA’s staffing email address is

Sick Bank Hours
Preliminary information regarding sick bank hours has been loaded in individual HISK/L files. If you notice a discrepancy, notify the Flight Attendant Service Center by Wednesday, January 16th. This number will be considered final and posted on January 17, 2013.

Sick Pay
As a reminder, there is no change to pay for trips when calling in sick. Trips are still paid on a trips-missed basis when using sick hours. In addition, there is no change to the maximum amount of hours that can be paid from your sick bank each month. The maximum for domestic is still 80 hours and the maximum for international as well as Reserve FAs is still 85 hours. Once the domestic and international operations are combined, the maximum will be 85 hours for all FAs.

APFA headquarters has fielded some questions regarding how make up (MU), Option (II) and Critical Coverage (CC) flying is assigned. CC is only offered on a sequence after it has been offered through MU and Option. As a result, it’s quite possible that Crew Schedule could offer MU or Option and have separate Critical Coverage sequences to offer at the same time. An FA can decide to wait for a sequence that is offered in MU or Option, to later be offered as CC in the event of Critical Coverage flying, but there is no guarantee that trip will survive MU and Option proffering.

Also, AA’s programming is now able to honor LBFO language permitting any FA scheduled below 100 hours (99.59) to accept a MU trip. That means that if an FA is scheduled at 99 hrs SPROJ and FA requests and successfully holds a 17-hour trip in the MU round, the trip will be awarded and FA’s new SPROJ will be 116 hours. If FA wants additional flying from the Company, FA will now eligible for Option flying which applies to anyone scheduled at 100+ hours. CC has no maximum limitation. It is offered in seniority order to those on the CC list. Refer to the ODCG Supplement in the recently-mailed Skyword Express. You can also download a copy at

Me, Too
APFA has compiled the majority of documents relating to APA’s contract and is in the process of performing due diligence to determine whether there is any increase in value between the pilots’ failed and ratified LBFO. We have scheduled a meeting next week with the company. As soon as we have completed this evaluation we will update the membership.

International Training for Domestic FAs
For those DOM FAs who have accepted the VEOP, you will not be drafted to attend INTL training, since the training spots are limited. You may proffer for it voluntarily and be awarded it subject to your seniority.

AMR Stock
There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of AMR stock being of some value upon exit from bankruptcy. While that fact has yet to be determined, it is important to note two things: 1 – FAs who may have bought AMR stock privately are free to sell/trade/buy such stock at will; and, 2 – If you still have stock options from 2003 that were part of the RPA, those shares have a “strike price” of $5.00. In other words, the RPA options we were given are of no value unless AMR stock exceeds $5.00. Today, AMR stock closed at $1.60. Also, the options expire ten years from the date of their issuance, which was April 17, 2003. These options will therefore expire on April 17th of this year.

All said, it is not clear if the bankruptcy has affected the validity of the options and whether they can still be exercised even assuming the strike price of $5/share was met. We will advise you as soon as we confirm the status of the options.

Known Crew Member Program – KCM
Flight attendant inclusion in KCM is a direct result of APFA’s tireless efforts and ever-growing strength in Washington. As a reminder, every crew member who utilizes a KCM airport terminal portal entry is required and expected to abide by the rules and regulations of the program. A violation of any rule or regulation of the KCM program may result in the revocation of crew member’s KCM access as well as a possible civil fine by the TSA. Reported violations could also result in a TSA decision to exclude an airline’s entire workgroup from the KCM program.

* KCM entry access is for uniformed crew members only. Any traveling companions of crew members are not authorized to process through the KCM portal.
* A uniformed crew member must present a valid crew ID Badge along with a valid photo government issued ID such as a passport or driver’s license. A crew member may also present a registered KCM bar code card, if available, for expedited processing by the TSA agent, but the bar code is not mandatory for portal access.
 *   At any time, a crew member may be randomly selected for regular security screening and denied entry through the KCM portal. If this would occur, that crew member is required to proceed directly to the nearest airport security screening entrance for processing. Any attempt to access another KCM portal at that same airport immediately following being randomly selected for security screening will be reported and the crew will be cited by the TSA for security violations.

Flight attendants are encouraged to review the KCM web site in order to avoid inadvertent violations of the program. Any questions on the KCM program should be directed to

777-300ER Aircraft Update
On Wednesday, January 9th, a mini-evac event was successfully conducted at DFW airport on the first attempt by a combination of 10 domestic and international Flight Attendants. These FAs were randomly selected by the FAA from volunteer participant pool formed by APFA’s Safety and Security Department and AA Flight Service. This mini-evac resulted in the certification of the 777-300ER for a land evacuation and an FAA minimum cabin crew of 10. APFA would like to thank all of the flight attendants who volunteered.

The full certification of the 777-300ER is still ongoing and once it’s completed and the last of the aircraft modifications have been accomplished, AA plans to release the aircraft into service later this month.

Retiree Seminar
There will be a retirement briefing held here in DFW on Wednesday, January 30, 2013, from 3 pm to 6 pm at the Yandry Center across from gate C2. Topics will include pension, retiree medical insurance options, retiree travel and flex spending accounts. There will be a special section at the end specifically for those taking the VEOP. Patrick Hancock and Jackie Phillips will be presenting along with DFW/IDF’s new Retiree Specialist Ron Harris.

DFW Day in Ops
Please join DFW Base Chairperson Chris O’Kelley and DFW Vice Chairperson Margaret Barnes in the Terminal C Operations on Wednesday, January 16th from 11-3. They will be available to address questions and concerns.

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