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6.27.13 – (LAA) – 30-in-7 is Back, DOMA, AM/PM Reserves, Cross-Division Flying Improvements

APFA Hotline

APFA Hotline Update – June 27, 2013

30-in-7 is Back, DOMA, AM/PM Reserves, Cross-Division Flying Improvements, etc…

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The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS)
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality for gay couples in two landmark cases. The historic decisions declared the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, granting legally married gay couples equal access to federal benefits, and upheld Proposition 8’s invalidation by the federal district court, paving the way for California’s still-single gays and lesbians to marry very soon.

Scheduling Improvements: 30-in-7 and Cross Division Flying
We heard everyone when it came to the company only implementing items that seemed to benefit them while dragging their feet to implement anything that might improve our work lives. As a direct result, APFA has secured the return of 30-in-7 and required the pull back on the use of Cross Division Flying for Reserves.

30-in-7:  It’s Baaaack!
30-in-7 will be reinstated for all Domestic FAs beginning with the August bid month, and APFA is pushing for the return of 30-in-7 for Domestic Reserves in July. Although the US Airways Bridge Agreement (CLA) secured its return upon emergence from bankruptcy, it was clear that Domestic FAs needed immediate relief.

Cross Division Flying for Reserves
In addition, due to Crew Scheduling’s inability to fully implement Cross Division Flying and provide any transparency when scheduling reserves for out of division flying, effective July 2, Reserves will no longer be utilized for adjacent base flying except to protect the operation in a staffing shortage or OSO.

AM/PM Reserve Testing at LGA, DCA, IDF, LAX-I for July
The reserve AM/PM preference will rollout beginning July 1 for reserve days beginning July 2 at LGA, DCA, IDF, and LAXI. Crew Scheduling will manually process AM/PM bids and awards, so the implementation is initially limited to four bases to ensure the process works prior to expansion to other bases later this summer.

Reserve windows for AM/PM:
AM Reserve: On Reserve from 0000 – 1300, but FAs may be contacted at 2200 home base time or later for an assignment that signs in within two hours.

PM Reserve: On Reserve from 1100 – 2400, but FAs may be contacted at 0900 home base time or later for an assignment that signs in within two hours. (Due to programming limitations which do not allow for two release periods in the same day, the agreed times are different from the LBFO language in Article 10J.)

Bid Ballots will be available the day before between the hours of 0001 and 1459 home base time via the Flight Service web page. Bid ballots are only valid for one day, and must be submitted each day. Ballots may be submitted and rescinded throughout the day but the last bid submitted prior to 1459 home base time will be considered the final ballot. FAs who are not legal or available for the entire day (i.e. SK, VC/VX, training, legal rest break, etc.) as well as FAs only available for one day before a DFP(s) or other planned absence commences, as well as FAs needed for minimum crew of the largest equipment flown at the base will not be eligible.

FAs will need to check your HI1 after 1800 home base time to see if AM/PM was awarded
AM awards will show release from 1301 – 2358
PM awards will show release from 0001 – 1059

Details are still being finalized and more information will be released to the membership as soon as it comes available.

Pilots’ DHD Agreement
APFA recently became aware that part of APA’s negotiations for their post-bankruptcy contract effective January 1, 2014 (resulting from the difference between the value of their LBFO and their US Airways Bridge Agreement) included a provision that provides for BC travel when deadheading on transoceanic international flights, flights to/from Hawaii/Alaska and flights south of the equator.

APFA was not party to those discussions or the ensuing agreement. APFA is currently reviewing this matter with management.

Massachusetts Senate Race
Congratulations to Senator-Elect Ed Markey who won the Massachusetts special election on Tuesday! APFA was proud to endorse his candidacy and we look forward to having his strong leadership on issues relating to aviation security, the labor movement, and working families in the US Senate.


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