Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

7.27.13 – (LAA) – APFA Constitution, Pre-Funding Match, 30 in 7 Returns, A319 Arrives, EU Merger Review, 562 AA Flight Attendants


APFA Hotline

APFA Hotline

July 26,2013

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APFA Constitution

The APFA Constitution Committee is in the process of reviewing the APFA

Constitution, and is seeking feedback from the Membership on items FAs want to see addressed.  The current Constitution can be found at or by clicking here

After reviewing the constitution, please email the committee by August 26, 2013 at with items you would like to see presented to the APFA Board of Directors for consideration to be included in future referendums.  We hope all members take this opportunity to shape the document that guides our union.


Pre-funding match /1114 Update

APFA is receiving numerous questions as to when will FAs receive the company’s portion of our medical pre-funding.  Per the LBFO FAs would not receive the company’s portion until the conclusion of the 1114 process.  Since AA chose to focus on its adversarial motion to eliminate retiree health benefits rather than file a formal 1114 and is unlikely to file prior to our emergence from bankruptcy, it is APFA’s position that exiting bankruptcy will successfully conclude the 1114.  The timing of this refund is yet to be determined.  However, like the process for receiving our portion of the pre-funding, FAs can expect it to take several months following the conclusion for any money to be refunded.


30 in 7 returns in August

August 1 marks the long awaited return of 30 hours in 7 day legality to the domestic operation.  Please note sabre will look back to July when calculating 30 in 7 for August conflicts.  FAs have the option to waive this legality in order to avoid losing any trip at the beginning of the month by entering HI30/MONTH/S if it wasn’t waived when bidding.  Once waived it is considered waived for the entire month.


AA News

A319 Arrives

Our first A319 was delivered to DFW this week as AA begins the process of finally retiring our super-80s.  Flights will begin in September for the DFW base and will expand to other cities as deliveries of the 260 ordered Airbuses continue.


EU Merger Review

After the initial review by the EU commission of the US Airways AA merger only one city pair, LHR-PHL, was deemed to be a competitive concern.  As a result, both airlines have agreed to forfeit that route to a competitor.  EU approval for the merger is expected on August 6th.


562 AA Flight Attendants
Over the past week, APFA’s Contract, Scheduling, Retirement, EAP, Communications, Safety, Cabin ASAP and Health departments have helped more than 560 individual AA Flight Attendants who either called or emailed APFA Headquarters with questions. If you have questions about any of the above topics, you can email the departments individually, or call (817) 540-0108 and follow the prompts.

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