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3.27.13b – (LAA) – NY Bankruptcy Court Update

APFA Hotline – NY Bankruptcy Court Update – March 27, 2013

Today, Judge Lane heard AMR’s motion to authorize the merger agreement between American Airlines and US Airways and all matters relating to it. No party with an economic interest in the case filed an objection.

After considering the motion and related documents, Judge Lane approved the merger agreement and all aspects of the merger except for Exhibit G (Horton’s $20 million payout). The Judge made clear this is not to say he approves or disapproves of the payout. Just that this issue should be dealt with by the parties either as part of the Plan of Reorganization or post-emergence by the new AMR Board of Directors.

The Court’s decision binds the parties to the terms of the merger agreement and prohibits either company from pursuing other strategic options. The deal is still pending approval of the Department of Justice, which will then allow the companies to begin implementation.

As a member of the unsecured creditors’ committee, APFA President Laura Glading represented APFA at the hearing. “Our team of Flight Attendants and bankruptcy professionals have worked tirelessly to bring this deal to fruition and the Court’s approval is an important step in the process,” Laura said.

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