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8.31.13 – (LAA) – APFA Labor Day Capwiz Action – Contact Congress In Support of the AA/US Merger

APFA Labor Day Capwiz Action – Contact Congress In Support of the AA/US Merger – August 31, 2013

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Labor Day marks an important day for all hard-working Americans. And for those in the aviation industry, every day is Labor Day.

As airline employees, we have suffered through years of turbulence: bankruptcies, layoffs, and significant cuts in salaries and benefits. Our sacrifices have been tremendous over the past decade. No one wants the success of American Airlines and US Airways more than the employees. We want our companies to be able to compete for the flying public’s business, but they cannot do that individually. In fact, employees, financial analysts, management, the American Airlines creditors, and shareholders from both companies all agree that a merger is the only path to success.

Now, the Department of Justice and attorneys general from six states and the District of Columbia have filed a lawsuit to try to stop the merger and what is good for both workers and passengers. Tell them they got it wrong by contacting your representatives in Washington. Ask them to support the merger through APFA’s online CapWiz tool.

Every letter that is sent via this platform is logged into the Senators’ or Congressperson’s database. The more messages we generate, the more notice your Representatives will take.

After you have completed this action, please spread the word via the “share option” contained within the Capwiz platform.

Thank you for your participation, APFA Communications

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