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10.01.13b – (LAA) – TX AG Withdraws from Antitrust Suit, Government Shutdown, DOJ Lawsuit Update

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APFA Hotline Update – TX AG Withdraws from Antitrust Suit, Government Shutdown, DOJ Lawsuit Update

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In a press conference at DFW today, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott announced that he would withdraw from the antitrust suit to block the American-US Airways merger. General Abbott’s decision comes after six weeks of sustained pressure from Flight Attendants and other employees. APFA thanks General Abbott for his thoughtful new stance as well as the many federal, state, and local elected leaders that support the merger. In a statement issued just after the announcement, APFA President Laura Glading said, “The tide is turning. Flight Attendants and our colleagues are getting the facts out there and we’re changing minds.” APFA will continue to apply pressure in other states whose attorneys general remain on the suit, including: Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Tennessee, and Virginia.
Today was day one of the much-anticipated government shutdown. As of today, at least 800,000 government employees are on furlough. Among the personnel that are affected are some working at the FAA, TSA, Department of Labor, NMB, Department of Justice, and federal courts. The shutdown is the result of political brinksmanship in Congress, where House Republicans have tried to attach a measure to defund the Affordable Care Act to legislation to fund the government. APFA has initiated a CapWiz to assist Flight Attendants in contacting their representatives in Congress to demand an end to the shutdown. Click here to participate.
APFA is pleased to report that the Court in the DOJ antitrust lawsuit today ruled that the case will proceed on its expedited schedule despite the government shutdown. Early this morning, the DOJ had filed a motion to stay the case because of the lapse in appropriations. This afternoon, however, the Court denied the motion, highlighting that “particularly employees” of both American and US Airways have a “vested interest in the adjudication of this case without delay.”
The Court also held a Status Hearing to address procedural and scheduling matters. The parties agreed that by no later than October 15, 2013, they will submit a report to the Court governing various trial-related dates and procedures. The Court also scheduled another Status Hearing for October 28, 2013. Finally, the Court scheduled a Pre-Trial Conference for November 21, 2013.

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