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10.31.13c – (LAA) – Bid Line Pay Protection Details

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APFA Hotline – Bid Line Pay Protection Details

October 31, 2013

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Bid Line Guarantee Protection Details

Effective November 1, 2013, the current line-holder guarantee of 70 hours will be replaced with an individual bid line guarantee equal in value to her/his monthly bid award. An AVBL (Regular and Relief) Flight Attendant with the current guarantee of 70 hours will have an increased guarantee of 75 hours until completion of the combined domestic and international operation at which point it will increase to 80 hours.  Flight Attendants awarded a low bid line will have a minimum guarantee of 70 hours. Implementation of this bid line protection satisfies both our current Bankruptcy Agreement (LBFO) as well as the Conditional Labor Agreement (CLA) negotiated with US Airways.
This new guarantee protection is an interim contractual provision, providing a path to sequence pay protection – our ultimate goal. Following receipt of a single carrier certificate, the APFA negotiating team will begin negotiations with new management to obtain a joint Flight Attendant contract that recognizes the sacrifices our Flight Attendants have made leading up to and throughout bankruptcy. 
Some Highlights of Pay Protection and Line Guarantee:

  • Your individual guarantee will be protected if you lose time mid-sequence due to a misconnect, illegality or cancellation (MIC). Just like today, following your return to base you will not have any obligation if Crew Tracking/Crew Scheduling does not reschedule you prior to the conclusion of your sequence. Once your sequence ends, so does your obligation.
  • If you lose a trip at sequence origination due to a MIC, and your PPROJ is reduced below your current guarantee following removal from the trip, you will have an obligation to protect your guarantee on days originally scheduled to fly (DOSTF). However, should Crew Scheduling not immediately reschedule you, Flight Attendants can opt-out of guarantee protection with the understanding that your current guarantee will reduce to the hours shown in your PPROJ. The procedures to restore your guarantee remain the same as today.
  • Finally, for consistency, the current make-up (MU) obligation for your last trip scheduled to depart in the last five days of the month is limited to only the HISEND MU round of each day originally scheduled to fly. Flight Attendants will still be obligated to accept only one assignment during their obligation days, just as they are today.

For detailed information on bid line guarantee protection, please visit the Scheduling page on the APFA website.
Pay Protection and Line Guarantee Facts: 
Pay Protection and Guarantee Quick Reference Sheet: 
Pay Protection and Line Guarantee Q and A: 
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