Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

11.24.13 – (LAA) – Bid Line Pay Protection Review and CLA Implementation Correction

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Bid Line Pay Protection Review and CLA Implementation Correction

November 24, 2013

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With the severe weather in DFW today and tomorrow, we remind members about the new Bid Line Guarantee Pay Protection language that went into effect the beginning of this month.

  • Your individual guarantee will be protected if you lose time mid-sequence due to a misconnect, illegality or cancellation (MIC). Just like today, following your return to base you will not have any obligation if Crew Tracking/Crew Scheduling does not reschedule you prior to the conclusion of your sequence. Once your sequence ends, so does your obligation.
  • If you lose a trip at sequence origination due to a MIC, and your PPROJ is reduced below your current guarantee following removal from the trip, you will have an obligation to protect your guarantee on days originally scheduled to fly (DOSTF). However, should Crew Scheduling not immediately reschedule you, Flight Attendants can opt-out of guarantee protection with the understanding that your current guarantee will reduce to the hours shown in your PPROJ. The procedures to restore your guarantee remain the same as today.
  • Finally, for consistency, the current make-up (MU) obligation for your last trip scheduled to depart in the last five days of the month is limited to only the HISEND MU round of each day originally scheduled to fly. Flight Attendants will still be obligated to accept only one assignment during their obligation days, just as they are today.

For detailed information on bid line guarantee protection, please visit the Scheduling


Effective Immediately On Exit From Bankruptcy:

  • Employment Threshold eliminated
  • Furlough protection

Effective on First Day of Bid Month Following Merger: (If merger occurs December 2013, the following will become effective January 1, 2014):

  • International Override applied to paid trip removals (e.g. SK, VC, BR, JD, etc.)
  • Time Away From Base(TAFB)/Per Diem increased to $2.00-Domestic & $2.20-International
  • Domestic Aft Galley Pay restored
  • Vacation and Sick Accrual Thresholds restored to 420 hours (prorated for DEC if merger takes place on or before December 16, 2013)
  • PVDs paid at trip missed value and ability to use unlimited PVDs up to expected accrual
  • 401(k) match becomes age based contribution for those on seniority list as of 4/12/12

FAs under 40 years old – 5.5% contribution
FAs 40-49 years old – 6.75% contribution
FAs 50 years and older – 9.9% contribution
FAs hired after 4/12/12 – 3% contribution; and up to 2.5% match after one year of service

Effective on First Day of the 2nd Bid Month Following Merger: (if merger occurs December 2013, the following will become effective January 31, 2014)

  • 8:59 Duty Aloft for Domestic returns
  • On-Duty Limitations for Domestic returns

Monthly Limitations lowered to 90 hours with ability to flex no more than 5 hours per month and 20 hours per year

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