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12.13.13 – (LAA) – CLA Implementation, Equity Claim, Cell Phones on Board, Non Reving on US Airways, BOS-I Vice Chair WTS, COBRA RATES, Bid Line Protection Reminder, EAP

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CLA Implementation, Equity Claim, Cell Phones on Board, Non Reving on US Airways, BOS-I Vice Chair WTS, COBRA RATES, Bid Line Protection Reminder, EAP

December 13, 2013

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Conditional Labor Agreement (CLA) – Implementation Schedule
Now that our company has successfully exited bankruptcy and the merger day with US Airways is finally behind us, we are no longer under the LBFO. APFA-represented Flight Attendants now work under the Conditional Labor Agreement (CLA) until the time when we bargain for our industry-leading contract. The following is a reminder of the implementation schedule for our CLA:
On December 9, 2013, the following went into place:

  • Furlough protection
  • Hotel selection language restored for future hotel selections
  • Staffing language restored
  • Employment Threshold eliminated

In addition the Vacation and Sick accrual thresholds will be lowered to 35-hours per active month effective with the month of December 2013. Thresholds for the full 2013 calendar year will be measured on a prorated basis with the months of January through November having a 50-hour threshold and December having a 35-hour threshold. The threshold for Flight Attendants who were active all 12 months of 2013 will be 585 hours. 
The threshold for Company-subsidized health benefits will not change and will continue to be 420-paid hours (average of 35-paid hours per active month) on a rolling 12-month look-back basis.
On January 1, 2014, the following will go into place:

  • Time Away From Base (TAFB)/Per Diem increased to $2.00-Domestic & $2.20-International
  • International Override applied to paid trip removals (for example: SK, VC, BR, JD, etc.)
  • Domestic Aft Galley Pay restored
  • PVDs paid at trip missed value and ability to use unlimited PVDs up to expected accrual
  • 401(k) match becomes age-based contribution for those on seniority list as of 4/12/12:
    FAs under 40 years old – 5.5% contribution
    FAs 40-49 years old – 6.75% contribution
    50 years and older – 9.9% contribution
    FAs hired after 4/12/12 – 3% contribution, and up to 2.5% match after one year of service

Effective January 31, 2014 (contractual month of February)

  • 8:59 Duty Aloft for Domestic returns
  • On-Duty Limitations for Domestic returns
  • Monthly Limitations for Crew Scheduling lowered to 90 hours with ability to flex no more than five (5) hours per month and twenty (20) hours per year

An On-Duty Contract Guide is nearly finished and will be distributed shortly both electronically and in booklet form. 

Equity Q&As
If you have questions about the Equity Claim, there is plenty of information at your fingertips via telephone and the Internet.

APFA’s Equity Claim Call Center is available for all Flight Attendants now through December 20, 2013, from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central time – Monday through Friday. The toll free number is 855-332-3407. There, you will be able to speak directly to a BMC representative regarding the distribution of the claim. APFA is the only union that provided a call center for its members. You can also email BMC at or visit

If you have questions about how to access your account or need information on how to buy, sell or transfer your shares, contact AA’s Call Center at 888-285-9438 or visit Jetnet’s Equity page.

If you would like to view your statement, including the taxes you were assessed, visit

*Important: JP Morgan is not equipped to answer questions about our Equity Claim.

Cell Phones On Board
This week, the FCC considered lifting the ban on cell phones during a scheduled hearing in Washington, D.C. They voted 3-2 to move forward, asking for comment. Congressman Bill Shuster (R-PA) has introduced legislation to ban the use of cell phones on board aircraft. Rep. Shuster introduced the legislation December 9th. The bill would direct the Department of Transportation to issue regulations preventing passengers from using mobile phones during all phases of flight. Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) is expected to introduce similar legislation in the Senate.

APFA Representatives attended the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology Hearing regarding the Oversight of the Federal Communications Commission that addressed cell phones on aircraft. APFA remains committed to ensuring that cell phones remain banned on board our airplanes. We will upload a Capwiz to contact your Congressional Representatives shortly. Stay tuned!

Ambassador Training in Phoenix
On Tuesday and Wednesday, hundreds of Flight Attendants from both airlines met in Phoenix to take part in a program called “Ambassadors.” The program, led by Hector Adler, our new Vice President of Inflight, was designed to assist Flight Attendants and our passengers with all of the upcoming changes that will accompany the merger. You will start hearing from these “Ambassadors” in January on “Passenger Day One” which is slated for January 7, 2013.

Non Reving on US Airways
APFA is receiving questions about changes to non-rev travel with US Airways. To date, there have been no changes to our current travel privileges with US other than the elimination of ZED fares. Note a small processing fee associated with the e-ticket still applies. The new American plans to provide more information regarding non-rev travel in January.
Willingness-to-Serve BOS-I Base Vice Chairperson
On December 9th, the National Ballot Committee posted the Willingness-to-Serve for Vice Chairperson at BOS-I on the APFA website. All interested candidates need to download a copy of the WTS and return to the PO Box at the bottom of the form by 1000 Central Time on January 8, 2013. 
2014 COBRA Rates
Benefit Concepts received information from American regarding COBRA rates for 2014 on December 10th. Information regarding the rate and the payment coupons will be mailed on December 18th to all F/A’s who elected COBRA. In addition an enrollment/change form is included in case you want to make changes — if NO changes, disregard the enrollment/change form.
Bid Line Guarantee Protection Reminder
With the weather in full winter-swing, take a few minutes to review the bid line pay guarantee procedures that went into effect last month. Lots of information is available on APFA’s web site. Below are links to a quick reference sheet, Q&As, etc.

APFA’s EAP Representative, Patty French, wanted to remind members about the resources available to Flight Attendants. Click here to read an article about how to cope with the Holiday Blues.
Merger-Day Robo Call – December 9, 2013
On Monday, APFA President Laura Glading issued a Robo Call. If you happened to miss it, the text is below. If you would like to update your contact information with APFA, click here. Include your employee number, full name, base, address and primary contact.
“This is APFA President Laura Glading with an important message for the flight attendant at this household.
“Congratulations! Today is the first day of the new American. This is an exciting time to be an American Flight Attendant and an APFA member. Together, we have built the world’s greatest airline and we’re on our way to an industry-leading contract.
“Unfortunately, there is a small group of people that want to disrupt our progress. In the coming days, you may be approached by representatives of the AFA-CWA and asked to sign an “authorization card” stating that you want AFA-CWA as your representative. Just say no! There are many reasons not to sign a card, two of them are: DUES and DEMOCRACY  More information is posted on the APFA website and will be mailed to all members shortly.
“Remember that the best information is available at the APFA website – There you will find information on our equity claim – the richest in  history – and our Bridge Agreement which will bring immediate improvements to our contract. If you have any questions, call APFA headquarters at (817)540-0108.”
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