1.03.14 – (LAA) – Line Guarantee, Transfer/Proffers/ Non-Rev Policy, e-Manual, PVDs, Speakers, CLA, New Hires in 2014

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Line Guarantee, Transfer/Proffers/ Non-Rev Policy, e-Manual, PVDs, Speakers, CLA, New Hires in 2014

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Bid Line Guarantee Protection Language
Just a quick reminder about the new bid line guarantee language, which should come in handy with the recent flight cancellations due to severe weather.
For detailed information on bid line guarantee protection, please visit the APFA Scheduling Department page.
Pay Protection and Line Guarantee Facts: http://www.www.apfa.org/images/scheduling/103113-Pay-Protection-and-Guarantee.pdf 
Pay Protection and Guarantee Quick Reference Sheet: http://www.www.apfa.org/images/scheduling/103113-Pay-Protect-and-Guarantee-Guide.pdf 
Pay Protection and Line Guarantee Q and A: http://www.www.apfa.org/images/scheduling/103113-APFA-Pay-Protection-QnA.pdf 
Order of Open Time for Day Before Coverage: http://www.www.apfa.org/images/scheduling/103113-ORDER-OF-OPEN-TIME-COVERAGE.pdf

Note: It is not enough just to add your name to the MU list. That is only one of the steps. After making contact with Crew Scheduling, if you are not rescheduled and are held for Days Originally Scheduled to Fly (DOSTF), you must also participate in the applicable MIC window or HISEND MU Round. You may bid for what you prefer to fly in the HISEND MU round, but in order to be protected – if you cannot hold any of those trip sequences – you must also add the sentence “Plot to protect guarantee” to your ballot as back up. 
You may participate in MU rounds outside of the HISEND round, but you are not obligated to accept a trip. Your bid line guarantee will remain intact unless you opt out of one of the obligated rounds – 0800-1200, HISEND MU round, or 2000-2400 depending on when you were notified of the cancellation.
You may also download the new CLA ODCG for reference.

Purge of Transfer/Proffer Requests
Both the transfer and proffer lists were purged the afternoon of January 3rd.  If you still desire a transfer, proffer or mutual lateral you must re-enter your transfer or proffer preference. There will be domestic vacancy transfers and possible international proffers later in January.  Please remember to continue to keep your requests up to date and remove any transfer or proffer request you are no longer interested in being awarded as it is no longer possible to rescind a request once it is awarded.
Non Rev Policy Announced
Yesterday, management announced major changes to our non-revenue travel policy. We all understand that cultures and policies must be melded going forward. And while APFA recognizes that there will be difficult decisions and compromises involved with the merging of our two airline cultures, we know that members have experienced enormous change and uncertainty over the past several years and did not seek to change a policy that we did not perceive broken. We have asked management to communicate to the employees the findings of its travel committee so we better understand the underlying research used to support the changes. Meanwhile, we are evaluating and discussing the impact these changes will have on our members both active, and retired.To read the new policy, click here
Electronic Inflight Manual
Flight Service has announced that beginning January 2, it will begin the FAA-required test evaluation period to replace the paper copy of the Inflight Manual with the electronic copy (eManual) available on our Tablet. Before Flight Service replaces the paper manual, it will seek to ensure Flight Attendants are comfortable accessing, updating and navigating the eManual. During the test evaluation, FAs are still required to carry both the current Inflight Manual as well as the updated tablet.
January PVDs
If you received a PVD in January but are not seeing the correct number of credited hours, the adjustment should be made by the 10th of this month. Please check your schedule after the 10th to ensure any January PVDs have been properly credited.
APFA has heard from many of our members regarding the recent shift the company announced in December to the strict contractual language of the Foreign Language Speaker cabin complement. We are in discussions with the company to determine whether management would consider some flexibility on this topic and will advise the membership accordingly.
CLA Items Effective January 1, 2014

  • Time Away From Base (TAFB)/Per Diem increased to $2.00-Domestic and $2.20 International
  • International Override applied to paid trip removals (for example: Sick, Jury Duty, Vacation, Bereavement etc.)
  • Domestic Aft Galley Pay restored
  • PVDs paid at trip missed value and the ability to use PVD’s up to expected accrual is restored
  • 401(k) match becomes age-based contribution for those on the seniority list as of 4/12/12:
  • FAs under 40 years old – 5.5% contribution
  • FAs 40-49 years old – 6.75% contribution
  • FAs 50 years and older – 9.9% contribution
  • FAs who age into the next contribution tier will receive the increased contribution
  • FAs hired after 4/12/12 – 3% contribution, and up to 2.5% match after one year of service.

2014 New Hire Projection
Preliminary indications are that AA is on track to hire the same number of new hires in 2014, if not more, than they hired in 2013. Hiring will only serve to help our members realize transfer and proffer opportunities, as well as faster movement off of the Reserve list.

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