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1.06.14 – (LAA) – APFA/AFA/AA Single Contract Bargaining Meeting Set, NMB Single Carrier Discussions, Non Rev Update, VEOP

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APFA/AFA/AA Single Contract Bargaining Meeting Set, NMB Single Carrier Discussions, Non Rev Update, VEOP

January 6, 2014

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Meeting with Management on Single Contract Bargaining Process
The APFA/AFA Agreement on bargaining and representation is contingent upon two items: (1) the Company and APFA/AFA reaching agreement on the bargaining process going forward; and (2) US Airways Flight Attendants ratifying the bargaining process and representation. APFA and AFA have scheduled a meeting with management next week in Washington, D.C., to discuss the bargaining process. We will report on the proceedings following these meetings.

Single Carrier Discussions With the NMB
APFA had an initial discussion with the NMB about the single carrier determination process. As part of our agreement with AFA on bargaining and representation, our unions have agreed to jointly file a single carrier petition with the NMB. Pending our meeting with management and ratification by the US Airways Flight Attendants, our joint petition to the NMB will confirm that APFA is the bargaining representative for the craft and class of Flight Attendants at the new American Airlines.
Non-Revenue Policy Change Announcement
The changes to retiree pass travel the company announced last week took us all by surprise. APFA President Laura Glading has asked the company to create a working group to review the new Retiree Pass Policy and compare it to other airlines’ retiree pass benefits.  
Additionally, this group should review obligations under all of the collective bargaining agreements, and the promises and representations that were made to our employees about their benefits in retirement. Most of these changes are not anticipated to be implemented until later in 2014, which will give us a chance to review and discuss all of the issues raised by these changes to our long standing travel programs. Stay tuned for more updates.
Second VEOP
Question: Today, legacy US Airways Flight Attendants were offered a Voluntary Early Out Program. Will legacy AA Flight Attendants be offered our second VEOP round, and if so, when? 
Answer: There will indeed be a second-round VEOP for legacy AA Flight Attendants. Since we had a very recent VEOP, with the last bulk of retirees leaving just three months ago, the timing of our second VEOP will be dependent upon manning needs for 2014 and beyond. APFA will be meeting with the new management team later this quarter to determine the exact timing of our next VEOP offer. As soon as a timeline for bidding and departure dates has been determined, we will include this information on the hotline.
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