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1.24.14 – (LAA) – Non Rev Travel Policy Update, LTD Coverage Error, VEOP 2, CD Days, The EAP, Reminders

APFA Hotline

Non Rev Travel Policy Update, LTD Coverage Error, VEOP 2, CD Days, The EAP, Reminders

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Non Rev Travel Policy 
Representatives of both APFA and AFA-US Airways met with American management to discuss the newly-announced Non Rev pass travel policy. Management gave some explanation about how they arrived at the new policy and we expressed our concerns with the effect these changes will have. The Company has committed to considering our concerns. Once we receive further information, we will let you know via this Hotline.

As a provision of the Conditional Labor Agreement (CLA), AA will be offering another Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP) to eligible legacy-AA Flight Attendants. More information will be available next week.
Long Term Disability Coverage Error
The computer glitch still affecting some employees’ LTD coverage is taking longer than expected to correct. According to AA’s Human Resources, the system will be updated today, January 24th, and we should see the actual corrections in the system by the middle of next week.
If you had LTD coverage prior to open enrollment in November, check your pay stub next week to confirm your disability coverage is correct. We have been told that Mercer fixed the coverage errors last week, but the eligibility file is only submitted to MetLife once a week – today. The following week, FAs should again be able to verify their coverage. Members in this situation did not need to submit a disability enrollment form/Statement of Health (SOH).
If you did not have LTD coverage prior to, but selected it during the November open enrollment, you did need to fill out a disability enrollment form. If you were subsequently sent a SOH from MetLife to fill out, you should complete the form and return it to the appropriate address.
We are hopeful that HR will have the issue resolved shortly, once and for all. If you would like to contact HR, call (800) 447-2000.
From the APFA Scheduling Department
Q. Why do I have a “CD” on my schedule?
A. When a Flight Attendant experiences a Misconnect/Illegality/Cancellation (MIC) at origination for a sequence that carries into an additional day but doesn’t display that way on the HI1, a “CD” day will appear on her/his schedule. The CD indicates that the Flight Attendant has an obligation on the “Day Originally Scheduled to Fly” (DOSTF) due to the sequence flying into the following day. If the FA has been released and chooses to protect the applicable Bid Line Guarantee, s/he needs to add her/his name to the MU list for all DOSTF including the “CD” day.
See example below of a CD on the 24th due to flight 974 flying into the 24th:
20 71         DO                                               
21 71 XR     *594   C973                                       
22 71 XR           RON                                         
23 71 XR            -974         10.35 20.35              0.00 
24 71         CD

From The APFA EAP Specialist
As professional Flight Attendants, we are trained to handle a wide range of inflight emergencies. During emergencies, we do an excellent job of staying calm and focused. Whether it’s smoke in the cabin, a medical emergency or a bomb threat, we act professionally and do what needs to be done. After the event, though, we may experience a delayed stress reaction. This may happen hours, days or weeks after the actual event.

If you have been involved in an emergency situation and are experiencing symptoms such as flashbacks, depression or anxiety, we encourage you to get in touch with APFA’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP offers confidential assistance to help you understand what’s going on and direct you to qualified professionals who can help you understand and get through these challenges. We’d like you to know that the EAP resources are free and available to you in complete confidence and no matter whether the situation which triggered your stress reaction was work related or personal. To get the help you need, please call us at (817) 540-0108, ext. 8701.

Cell Phones in the Cabin
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) comment period remains open to weigh in on the use of cell phones on planes. Please take a moment and provide your comments to the FCC on this important issue.
Follow this link, then select: 13-301 – Expanding Access to Mobile Wireless Services Onboard Aircraft
As a reminder, if you have reports concerning staffing related issues, please email details to In order to evaluate any potential violation of our contract language, which states that APFA has the right to grieve an unreasonable workload, we must have detailed reports in order to build a successful case to present to an arbitrator. In the past, when the company violated this provision, it was the initial detailed reports from our members that helped us develop a successful case. Generic or non specific reports are not helpful in this instance. Necessary details include city pair, cabin worked, loads, booking and final numbers, specific galley and catering challenges, etc.  
We thank you in advance for your email to Should you require a representative to contact you to discuss further, please indicate as much in the email subject line, as this email box is used for feedback and research purposes only.  
Prefunding Refund
APFA continues discussions with the company regarding the refund of our prefunding. We will let you know as soon as we have more information.
Executive Committee Willingness-to-Serve
The National Ballot Committee would like to advise all members in good standing that a Willingness-to-Serve (WTS) has been posted on the APFA website for Ad Hoc Positions 1 and 2 of the Executive Committee. If you are interested in serving on the Executive Committee, you are asked to return the WTS to Jeff Pharr, APFA Secretary, by March 10, 2014. Jeff’s email address is For more information, visit Please direct any questions to the National Ballot Committee at or 817-540-0108, ext. 8311. 
Administrative and Committee Positions
APFA is now accepting resumés for the positions of Division Representatives (5), National Coordinators (6) – Communications, Contract, Health, Hotel, Safety/Security, Scheduling), the National Balloting Committee (5), and the National Budget Committee (4). Resumés must be submitted to APFA Secretary Jeff Pharr by March 12, 2014.

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