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1.28.14 – (LAA) – VEOP2

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Today, in accordance with our Conditional Labor Agreement (CLA), the company is announcing the timeline for the second Voluntary Early Out Program (VEOP-2), which is open to all pre-merger American Airlines Flight Attendants. Ballots will open on February 3, 2014, and close at 1000 CST on February 28, 2014.

1. Have at least 15 years of Company Seniority, or be at the top of the pay scale, which is at least 14 years of Classification Seniority, AND

2. Be in an active status on the date the ballots close, which is February 28, 2014. You are considered INACTIVE if you have been on an unpaid sick absence for more than 10 days or an Injury On Duty for more than 6 months and are not receiving any compensation from the company – including salary continuance or supplementing Workers Compensation with available sick bank hours.

*   $40,000 minus tax withholding
*   If eligible as a retiree, or under the 65-Point Plan, retiree travel. If age 55 or older, you can also retire and claim retiree benefits, such as the option to purchase retiree medical insurance and a retiree ID. You may claim your pension at your pension-eligible age, which is based upon your paid years of service.

Up to 1,500 VEOP requests will be awarded to eligible Flight Attendants, with up to 500 exiting effective with the start of the May, 2014 contractual month.

If more than 500 VEOP requests are received, there will be multiple exit dates – with approximately 500 Flight Attendants exiting at the beginning of May, then staggered exit dates beginning June through September.

If approximately 500 or fewer Flight Attendants proffer for VEOP-2, then all participants will exit effective with the May, 2014 contractual month.
You may rescind your ballot anytime up to the ballot closing time of 1000 CST on February 28, 2014.

APFA’s Retirement Specialist Patrick Hancock will be conducting VEOP Roadshows systemwide just as we offered during the last VEOP, in order to present details of the offer and to review retirement options. The first road show is scheduled for February 4th in MIA at the Hotel MIA, 1100-1400 LBT.

We will also publish a VEOP packet available for download shortly.

We will publish the remaining base roadshow schedule as soon as the dates are finalized.


Click Here to see the Voluntary Early Out information on the Flight Service website.
Click Here to see a sample of the online election form.
Click Here to see a sample of the departure date ballot.
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