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3.12.14 – (LAA) – Language-Qualified 777-300 Test

APFA Special Hotline

Language-Qualified 777-300 Test

March 12, 2014

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APFA and Flight Service have agreed to a test of the language-qualified requirements on 777-300 due to the uniqueness of the small First Class cabin and large Main Cabin. Beginning with the April bid run, the requirement for the 777-300 on flights where speakers are required, will be one language-qualified Flight Attendant in the premium cabins consisting of First Class and Business Class and two language-qualified Flight Attendants in Main Cabin with one being assigned to each aisle in main cabin when bids are awarded. The first class galley (#5) will no longer satisfy the language requirement. In other words, the premium cabins’ language-qualified requirement will be satisfied with any one of the following positions: Flight Attendant 1, 6, 7, 10 or 11.

The Main Cabin language-qualified requirement for the left-hand side of Main Cabin will be satisfied with either position 3 or 9 and the right-hand side will be satisfied with either position 8 or 12. While the ability to distinguish between the left-hand and right-hand side of main cabin exists in the program that awards bids, it does not exist in FOS (aka DECS/SABRE). Therefore, TTs or Open Time trades will not be restricted based on a particular aisle. While it is clearly a desired objective to have one language-qualified Flight Attendant in each aisle of main cabin, it was agreed that we will proceed with the test in the hopes that there will be a language-qualified Flight Attendant available on both sides of the cabin.

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