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3.28.14b – (LAA) – “Flyer” iPhone App,” JNC Survey, ODCG, OSHA

APFA Hotline

APFA Weekly Hotline – APFA’s “Flyer” iPhone App,” JNC Survey, ODCG, OSHA

March 28, 2014

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The APFA iPhone App
APFA”s very own “Flyer APP” for the iPhone, Version 5, has been updated and is available for download at The app is offered to all members in good standing and contains invaluable resources for Flight Attendants. The app will give you easy access to the ODCG online, Jetnet and Flight Service, a built-in flashlight, a time calculator, a break calculator, information about your layover hotel, a layover sheet, incident and hotel reports, Professional Standards contacts, the APFA Hotline, and more. Do yourself a favor and download the APFA Flyer app today!

Joint Negotiations Survey
The Flight Attendant survey for Joint Contract Negotiations is open. If you’ve not already done so, please visit to complete the survey and remind your coworkers to do the same.

A printed copy of the On-Duty Contract Guide was placed in your individual Flight Service mailbox at your base. If you did not receive a copy, please contact the MOD.

OSHA begins its official role as a partner with the FAA in the oversight of the aircraft cabin. OSHA’s oversight role begins on a limited basis with focus on three specific areas:

  • HAZCOM ~ Hazardous Materials Communication,
  • BBP ~ Blood Bourne Pathogen Training,
  • Hearing Conservation ~ Continuous Noise Levels in the Cabin, such as engine noise.

Per OSHA requirements, American Airlines must comply with the following standards on HAZCOM, BBP and Hearing Conservation for Flight Attendants:
Hazard Communication
• Provide access to the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
• Provide training on how to access and read the MSDS
• AA is not required to provide a MSDS for every item a passenger may carry on, only chemicals used within the company.
Deicing Fluids
Cabin cleaning products
MSDS Pro Hyperlink has been added to CCI, Flight Service Safety & Security web site and Jetnet Home under helpful links. A bulletin has been added to our Flight Attendant in-flight manuals.
Blood Bourne Pathogen
Currently American Airlines Flight Service Department meets the OSHA standards for BBP training for Flight Attendants through initial new hire training in the classroom and recurrent training medical workshop and on line medical web base training.
Hearing Conservation
• Aircraft must not exceed the 8 hour 85 DB TWA (total weighted amount) limit
• Carrier should be comfortable that the data collected is a good sampling of the fleet (it is not necessary to test all AC)
Industrial Hygienists performed noise sampling on each fleet type with the use of a dosimeter. The noise sampling results returned were found to be well within the OSHA standards. Results of the noise sampling data has already been provided to OSHA.
APFA is a member of the OSHA Alliance Program along with other labor organizations and representatives from the airlines. The alliance will collaborate to monitor the progress of OSHA’s oversight on cabin safety and the airlines’ compliance as well as evaluate products and training that affect cabin safety. All cabin safety concerns reported on the Flight Attendant working environment to OSHA will be evaluated and discussed at the Alliance meetings for possible further action and involvement of OSHA oversight in the future. APFA will ensure through our own communication that every American Airlines Flight Attendant has the ability to report cabin safety issues affecting our working environment to OSHA.
APFA Members

Cell Phones In The Cabin: Call to Action!
HR 3676 prohibits use of mobile devices for voice communications during the in-flight portion of any scheduled domestic commercial flight, exempting any on-duty members of the flight crew and Flight Attendants, or federal law enforcement personnel acting in an official capacity. There’s still time to contact your Congressperson today and ask them to support this important piece of legislation.
Do you have a report concerning staffing related issues? Please email details to
Share Your Photos
We continue to receive some great pictures from our members both on and off the plane . Please remember that in order for the photos to be useable, they must include the names and employee numbers of all Flight Attendants, as well as contact information (if available). Otherwise, the photos are unusable.
Photos may be incorporated in future APFA web and print projects, including upcoming issues of Skyword, press releases, our APFA New Hire guide and a welcome booklet for our future members from pre-merger US Airways. Please email your hi-res photos to: If you are emailing several high-resolution photos, please limit your photos to 3 per email as our server will block files over a certain size.
If you prefer to mail a hard copy, send to:
APFA Communications
1004 W. Euless Blvd.
Euless, TX, 76040
Photos must be:

  • Be the sole property of the sender. By sending in photos, you are giving APFA permission to use them in APFA communications.
  • Contain the name(s), employee number(s) (if you can obtain your coworker’s employee number easily), email and phone number of each person in the photo in order to obtain permission to publish.
  • Be tasteful in content.

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