7.17.14 – (LAA) – TWA Flight 800

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As we mourn the loss of the 230 crew and passengers of TWA Flight 800 that crashed 18 years ago after take off from JFK, the U.S. has concluded that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has been shot down over the Ukraine. Flight 17 was enroute to Kuala Lumpur from Amsterdam and carried 295 people aboard, 15 of whom were crew members.

These tragedies are unspeakable. Please keep the families of Flight 17 in your prayers today as we remember those who perished on July 17, 1996, including the 35 working and deadheading crewmembers. 

Rest in peace
Working Crew

CAPTAIN Snyder, Steven E.
Captain F/O Kevorkian, Ralph G
F/E Campbell, Richard
Charbonnier, Jacques (FSM)
Charbonnier, Constance
Torche, Melinda D.
Rhoads, Marit E.
Lockhart, Maureen M.
DiLuccio, Debbie C.
Christopher, Janet
Melotin, Grace
Schult, Mike G.
Meade, Sandra J.
Lang, Ray A.
Callas, Dan
Ziemkiewicz, Jill A.
Johnsen, Arlene E.

Deadheading Crew
CAPTAIN Miller, Gideon
F/O Verhaeghe, Rick L.
F/E Eshleman, Douglas
F/E Krick, Oliver
Warren, Lani T. (FSM)
Loffredo, Elaine
Aikens-Bellamy, Sandra
McPherson, Pamela V.
Simmons, Olivia J. 1
Ingenhuett, Lonnie
Braman, Rosie
Kwan, Barbara L. 9
Griffith, Joanne S.
Edwards, Daryl K.
Hull, James R.
Luevano, Eli V. 4
Harkness, Eric W. 0
Dodge, Warren

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