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8.01.14b – Hot Aircraft Policy, Slide Deployments, Ebola, Light Duty, Dual Qual, New Spouse Non Rev, HKG Block Time, Hotel Update

APFA Hotline

APFA Hotline – Hot Aircraft Policy, Slide Deployments, Ebola, Light Duty, Dual Qual, New Spouse Non Rev, HKG Block Time, Hotel Update, etc., – August 1, 2014

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Hot Aircraft/Slide Deployments –
Hot Aircraft Guidelines
For several months, APFA has been pressuring the company to provide warm weather aircraft procedures and a “hot cabin temperature” policy for our members. Management has finally issued a Warm Weather document today to all Flight Attendants. Although the document provides some of the guidance language APFA has offered, it fails to meet our standards.

APFA will continue to meet with the company until we have reached a resolution on a reasonable policy and procedures to follow regarding hot cabin temperatures. Our goal is to ensure management does everything possible to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for our members as well as a pleasant cabin atmosphere for our passengers. The safety and health of Flight Attendants continues to be our top priority.

Inadvertent Slide Deployments
Recently there has been a spike in reported events involving partial and full inadvertent slide deployment events and aircraft door arming/disarming discrepancies. As Flight Attendants, we consider the task of arming and disarming our assigned aircraft door exit(s) one of our highest safety priorities.

Always remember to follow proper door arming/disarming procedures along with verifying via the door report all-call. If you find yourself involved in an inadvertent slide event or aircraft door arming/disarming discrepancy, we recommend you consider reporting the issue to the Cabin ASAP program. Questions about Cabin ASAP can be sent directly to our APFA Cabin ASAP Representative at

Ebola and Light Duty –
Ebola Virus
There are no reported cases of Ebola in the U.S. although there are two U.S. aid workers in Africa who have tested positive for the Ebola virus. Ebola poses little risk to the general U.S. population. For up-to-date information regarding the CDC Advisory, click here.

Light/Restricted Duty
It is important to note that in some states your benefits may be reduced if your doctor states you can perform Light Duty. Both AA and Sedgwick are aware that Light Duty is not an option for Flight Attendants on an IOD. Light Duty or Restricted Duty means that you will be off work until the doctor releases you to full duty without restriction.

Keep in mind that any time you are on an IOD, you must clear through AA Call-A-Nurse at (800) 555-2373.

Dual Qualification and New-Spouse Travel –
Dual Qual Training

APFA continues to meet with Flight Service and AA’s training department to discuss the plan for training the remaining 3,200 Domestic Flight Attendants who do not have the International Qualification. We will keep you updated as discussions proceed.

New-Spouse Non-Rev Travel
For purposes of Non Rev Travel for your new spouse (including same sex marriage), please note in addition to providing your marriage certificate to HR for a life event for benefits, you must separately make changes to the NRTP to add your new spouse. If they are already listed as a Registered Companion, Domestic Partner or other category of travel,you must first delete them from that category and then add them as a spouse.

DFW-HKG Block Time and Position 13 –
Effective August 19th, the DFW-HKG block time will increase, resulting in a duty day scheduled over 18 hours. Because the scheduled duty day exceeds 18 hours, FAR 121.467(b)(6) requires 3 Flight Attendants in excess of minimum crew (10 on the 777-300) . Going forward, if it is determined that the duty day will continue to be scheduled over 18 hours, the position 13 will be added to the bidsheet and awarded in the bid run.

Hotel Department Update –
MAD – The pick up/drop off point at the hotel is being discussed as how best to remedy.  More information will be forthcoming.
DEN / COS – A site inspection was just completed in DEN and COS. APFA’s recommendations will be submitted to the company next week.
SJU / DTW-Long / MSY-Short – We have renewed contracts in both SJU and DTW-L, and have a new hotel in MSY-S.  Please visit the Hotel Page for hotel and amenities information in these three cities.
Temporary Relocations are in effect for the following markets:  SAT-L, MCI-S and LHR-L.

Senator Kay Hagan Supports Cell Ban On Board –
APFA Government Affairs is pleased that Senator Kay Hagan D-NC has joined as co-sponsor of S. 1811 “The Commercial Flight Courtesy Act.”  The senator made the commitment during a recent luncheon and meeting in Washington, D.C. During our meeting with Senator Hagan we again expressed our opposition to in-flight voice calls on board our aircraft. Not only does the vast majority of the traveling public oppose the use of cell phones, but as Flight Attendants and first responders, we understand that it can impact both safety and security.

This bill will prohibit passengers from engaging in mobile voice communications while on board the aircraft. Members of the flight crew and Federal Air Marshalls are exempt in cases of emergency. APFA thanks Senator Hagan for her support on this important legislation.

Advanced Retirement Training –
If you are interested in attending advanced training in retirement and/or becoming a base retirement rep, your opportunity is coming next month.  The APFA Retirement Department will be conducting an Advanced Retirement Training on September 4, 2014.   This is an intensive, hands-on, workshop covering all phases of retirement, including: pensions, 401k, Social Security, financial planning, health insurance, dental, life insurance, Long Term Disability insurance, retiree travel, and more.  To attend, please contact your Base President to register for this class.

We ask that all attendees have attended a regular APFA Retirement Briefing before attending this advanced training. To make it easier for those who have not yet attended a briefing, there will be a regular APFA Retirement Briefing on September 3, 2014, 1300-1530 in DFW Terminal C, across from gate C2 in the Yandry Center. This Retirement Briefing is  open to all flight attendants.

Depression –
Depression hurts. It is that black cloud that robs you of joy. Anyone who has experienced depression understands how it can cause debilitating anxiety, personal dissatisfaction and an empty feeling of despair. It is the private torture chamber only you can see and feel.

Approximately ten percent of men and twenty percent of women in the United States will experience depression at sometime in their life. Anti-depressants are the gold standard treatment for depression in this country with over ten million people taking them. Yet research shows:

  • 22% of people suffering from depression remain depressed two years later
  • 50% of people who experience depression find that it comes back

While anti-depressants are effective for periods of time, they alone are often not sufficient to combat depression’s potentially devastating effects. This is because what we tell ourselves about the depression is an integral part of why we become and stay depressed.

Anti-depressants can’t address how we think and react to the depression. Studies using effective cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness have proven to be powerful additions to the therapeutic treatment of depression. Such treatment is geared toward making sure depression goes away and stays away.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, you don’t have  to suffer alone. A benefit of being an APFA member is that it gives you access to resources to assist with finding effective assistance for your depression. We understand what you are going through. Your APFA EAP  department is run by a Flight Attendant who is also a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor with a Master’s degree in the mental health field and trained to assist you in finding resources to address your mental health concerns.  If you are ready for the limitless possibilities a happy life has to offer, then call us for a confidential consultation, we can be reached at 817-540-0108, ext. 8701 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you.

Vacation Trade Bulletin Board at
If you would like to trade your 2014-2015 vacation, APFA offers an electronic bulletin board at to post your trade requests. Click here and follow instructions to post your requested VC trades.

APFA “Flyer” iPhone App
APFA’s Flyer App, Version 5 is available for download from APFA’s website. To download the app, click here.

APFA Website Update
If you’re an APFA member / pre-merger AA Flight Attendant, and don’t yet have access to APFA’s website, go to and click on “Create An Account” under the Log In Form from the main page. Once you fill out the form, a verification email will be sent to you. Click on the specified link within the email, and you will gain immediate access to the members-only portion of Get to know it!

Do you have a report concerning staffing-related issue and would like to submit data to APFA? Please email all details to This email is a no-response email. It is strictly used to collect data. If you have a scheduling or staffing question or issue, please email

Share Your Photos
We continue to receive some great pictures from our members both on and off the plane. Please remember that in order for the photos to be useable, they must include the names and employee numbers of all Flight Attendants, as well as contact information (if available). Otherwise, the photos are unusable.

Photos may be incorporated in future APFA web and print projects, including upcoming issues of Skyword, press releases, our APFA New Hire guide and a welcome booklet for our future members from pre-merger US Airways. Please email your hi-res photos to:

If you are emailing several high-resolution photos, please limit your photos to 3 per email as our server will block files over a certain size.

If you prefer to mail a hard copy, send to:
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Photos must:

  • Be the sole property of the sender. By sending in photos, you are giving APFA permission to use them in APFA communications.
  • Contain the name(s), employee number(s) (if you can obtain your coworker’s employee number easily), email and phone number of each person in the photo in order to obtain permission to publish.
  • Be tasteful in content.

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