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8.28.14 – Non Rev Travel Changes

APFA Special Hotline

APFA Special Hotline – Company Announces Non Revenue Travel Changes and Updated Timeline – August 28, 2014

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Today, the company announced details and a timeline of changes that will take place to Non Revenue travel beginning mid-September. The company has stated the changes will take place in two phases.

September 10, 2014

  • Non revenue travelers will begin boarding by time of check-in on their legacy metal
  • The new boarding priority and boarding codes will go into effect for all non rev travelers on their legacy airline

September 15, 2014

  • Time of check-in and boarding priority will be fully integrated for both LAA and LUS non rev travelers across both carriers.
  • Employees will be able to see flight loads, boarding priority lists and check in online on the other legacy carrier.

Effective September 10, the boarding priority codes will be modified for legacy employees traveling on their own metal to reflect the boarding priority changes announced earlier this year. If you are traveling on the opposite carrier your boarding priority will not change. The only code change on the LAA side is the addition of the D2R priority code in line with the existing LUS priority code: SA4P. In addition, check-in time will be used on both carriers to determine the order on the priority list for each respective priority code. “Thru” status will still have priority over local-originating passengers for each priority code. Codes similar to those used at LAA today will be introduced on LUS although they will be 4 digit codes due to programming requirements related to the current LUS reservation system. You will still need to book travel via the myIDTravel website if you are planning to travel on the other carrier’s legacy metal.

Effective September 15th, employees will be able to check loads, list, check-in and view priority lists for both LAA and LUS flights on Jetnet or Wings. You will no longer need to create a listing on the myIDTravel website. In order to create a listing or check in for a flight on the opposite carrier use the Travel US link on Jetnet or the NRTP link on Wings.  Also on September 15, your placement on the priority list will be integrated so that travel on either metal will be at the same boarding priority and based on time of check-in. For example, active LAA FAs will travel as D2 (“SD2E” on LUS flights) priority code rather than the current SA5A. Active LUS FAs will travel as D2 on LAA flights rather than the current US priority codes. D1 travel on the opposite carrier will not be available until the Passenger Service Systems (PSS aka RES) are combined later in 2015.

While the changes to NRSA travel that will be effective in September will change the current order of placement on each carrier’s respective non-rev priority list, there will be no change to the order of accommodation for the jumpseat. On LAA metal, LAA FAs will continue to be accommodated first based on pass classification and check-in time. This is followed by LUS FAs, then Envoy FAs, and finally, Piedmont/PSA FAs. On LUS metal there is also no change in the order of jumpseat accommodation. LUS FAs will continue to be accommodated first, followed by LAA FAs based on the time the agent receives the jumpseat form at the departure gate. LAA FAs are followed by Piedmont/PSA FAs and then Envoy Flight Attendants.

The big change for our FAs is that you will no longer need to create a listing on the myIDTravel website. You will be able to create your listing for travel on the opposite carrier’s metal and check-in on the Travel US website via Jetnet, or the NRTP website via Wings. Please visit Jetnet/Wings for further information on these travel policy changes.

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