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APFA Weekly Hotline – October 11, 2014

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APFA has posted an updated Tentative Agreement document, including an easier to read AFT/Galley Pay chart and Section 40 “Duration.” The updated T/A document also corrects formatting and paragraph references. It can be downloaded here.
APFA has set up a T/A Call Center to answer members’ questions about the T/A. Flight Attendants from both LAA and LUS are ready to respond!

T/A CALL CENTER (682) 292-0244
M-F, through November 7th
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Central Time

T/A Balloting – ballot@apfa.org
Balloting packets were mailed yesterday to all LAA and LUS Flight Attendants eligible to vote. The voting period will be 30 days in length. Members can cast their vote via the internet or by telephone. If you need to update your address, please contact the Membership Department by emailing membership@apfa.org. Votes will be counted on Sunday, November 9, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. Central.

If you are not an APFA member, to have your vote counted you must become a member no later than the 5th day prior to the end of the balloting period – by close of business on November 4. Sign up now, by clicking here.  Also, if you are a member in bad standing (more than 60 days in dues arrears), to be eligible to vote you must arrange to be in good standing by the close of business on November 4. To do that, contact the APFA Dues Department by emailing dues2@apfa.org.

T/A Pay Estimator iPhone App
APFA has commissioned our very own Alex Rodriguez (IOR) to create a T/A pay estimator iPhone app for Flight Attendants. Currently, the app can only be downloaded via an iPhone. Alex is working on a web-based app with the same functionality. To download the iPhone app, visit:  www.www.apfa.org/taestimator.
ARTICLE 30 – retirement@apfa.org
If you have been thinking about taking Article 30 Early Out (Art. 30) your opportunity to elect Art. 30 may be closing.
You are eligible for Art. 30 if you have at least 20 years of company seniority and are between the ages 45-54.99 on the date of your exit.  You can find company seniority in DECS using HI8 or on your ID badge.
Flight Attendants interested in Article 30 must provide 6 months notice, but you can rescind in the first 90 days. After that it is irrevocable. If your notice is in before the T/A is ratified, your notice will be honored by the company. You will still have the first 90 days to rescind your request, but if you do rescind, it can not be resubmitted after the T/A is ratified.
You will receive $25,000 minus tax withholding. This money is not eligible to go to 401k.
You will be eligible for retiree travel privileges, which include unlimited D2R travel for you and each eligible traveler (Spouse, Domestic Partner, Registered Companion, Dependent Children), and four D1 one-way passes a year for each eligible traveler (increasing to 6 per year on 1/1/2015), and eight one-way D3 passes for Guest travelers.
You are taking an early out, so you will never be a “retiree” even though you have retiree travel privileges.  That means that you will not be able to purchase retiree medical from AA, you will not get a Retiree ID from AA, and will not be eligible for retiree discounts at other vendors, such as Hertz, Hilton and FedEx.
Any sick time in your bank is lost. Vacation will be paid out at 2.22 hours of flight pay for each day of vacation.
Your Supervisor will have the form to fill out, or you can find it on the APFA website here.

For more information, contact the APFA Retirement Department: retirement@apfa.org or 817.540.0108, ext. 8490.

Ebola – safety@apfa.org / health@apfa.org
The APFA Health Department (health@apfa.org) and the APFA Safety & Security Department (safety@apfa.org) are jointly addressing the crew member concerns regarding the Ebola virus. The departments are in constant communication with the company and AA Medical on updates from the CDC and WHO. APFA will continue to coordinate with AA on all recommendations by the CDC and WHO. Employees can send their questions regarding the Ebola virus directly to epr@aa.com. AA Management has formed a special task force that meets regularly to discuss and respond to all emails received and to provide updates to employees.
For more information on passenger screening and crew guidance from the CDC, please click on the following links. 
FAA eManual Audit – safety@apfa.org
The FAA recently conducted the first official audit on eManual compliance for LAA Flight Attendants. The FAA audit was conducted in DCA. APFA is pleased to announce that the FAA awarded a 100% compliance rate for the audit! Although there are still challenges with the tablet itself, the audit results confirm the benefits of having an electronic in-flight manual vs. a paper manual. Please continue to report any technical problems you may encounter to the company as well as any lost or stolen tablets. Any questions regarding the eManual may be sent to safety@apfa.org.
FAA IN ORD and PHL – safety@apfa.org
The FAA will be in Chicago and Philly this coming week checking manuals/eManuals. Make sure you have all of your equipment with you and your manuals are up to date! 
HRA / HSA / HIA – health@apfa.org
Time is running out.  Don’t miss out on your free money for your HRA, HSA, or HIA accounts.  The October 31st deadline for completing your Health Matters Activities is quickly approaching.  All employees and covered spouses/domestic partners are eligible to earn up to $250 each.  It is not too late to participate in the program.  Information can be found at www.myactivehealth.com and Health Matters in Jetnet.
While the majority of Flight Attendants are able to use the interim reciprocal jumpseat policy with no problems some Flight Attendants have reported difficulties.If you should encounter any problems, please promptly send a report to contract@apfa.org. Include the flight number, date and departure city along with any pertinent details.
Domestic Bid leaves will be available for November at most bases and a limited number of International leaves will be available at IDF, LAX-I, JFK and IOR. Bids must be at least 7-days or more in length. Flight Attendants who request a full month’s leave but do not hold it will default to a 20-day Leave from Nov. 1 – Nov. 20.  Leave requests must be entered via HIPVD and received no later than Wednesday, October 15th at 0900 Central Time.
HOTEL UPDATE – hotel@apfa.org
Hotel Dept.-hotel@apfa.org
ATL – A site inspection was just completed in this market for a long layover hotel and our recommendations have been sent to the company.  Stay tuned.
SAT and YUL – A site visit is scheduled next week in these markets for a long layover hotel.
Temporary Relocations – Please visit  https://www.www.apfa.org/departmentsmenu/hotel-department/temp-layover-hotel-relo-s
EBOLA CONGRESSIONAL HEARING – legislation@apfa.org
APFA representatives attended a special congressional hearing on Friday October 10, 2014, held at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, convened the hearing to examine the coordinated federal, state and local response to the Ebola case in Dallas, Texas.
Providing testimony were Dr. Toby Merlin, from the CDC, Kathryn Brinsfield, from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and Mr. John P. Wagner U.S. Customs and Border Protection, under the DHS. The purpose of the hearing was to examine ways to improve our preparedness and capabilities, particularly when it comes to screening passengers entering the country. 
Flight Attendants are the front line and first responders on board the aircraft. APFA continues to monitor the situation, work closely with the airlines, while following our current procedures. Ebola is not spread through casual contact or through the air; it is spread through direct contact with bodily fluids of a sick person or from exposure to objects such as needles that have been contaminated.

To watch the hearing in full, click here: http://homeland.house.gov/hearing/field-hearing-ebola-homeland-importance-effective-international-federal-state-and-local

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