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Joint Negotiating Committee Update – LAA and LUS T/A Info and Scheduling Q&As

November 2, 2014

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As a result of the technical problems LUS Flight Attendants have experienced with the FCFS rollout, the company has agreed to wait for full Flight Attendant operational integration before attempting to implement the Jumpseat Weight and Balance provision. This is not expected to take place before 2017.
Q: If I take a bid leave for the entire month, will I continue to be eligible to accrue vacation and sick for that month as if I had actually flown?
A: Yes. As long as you meet your threshold in your other active months you will accrue vacation and sick for bid leave months.

Q. Is it true that LUS f/as will now get flight time pay for ATC delays taken while still at the gate?
A. Yes. The T/A retains LAA language that provides for flight pay to be paid for ATC delays, deicing delays, etc. taken at gate. This is called “CODE 59.”
Q. In the T/A, will Mexico be considered International?
A. Yes. Flight Attendants will be paid International Override and Int’l Per Diem rates for all Mexico trips.
Q: What’s the Double Dip provision I’m hearing about? Is that the same as Double Up?
A: Double Dip was retained from the LUS Red Book. With PBS, Double Dipping is when a Lineholder may conduct TTS transitions that would result in actual flying on day(s) already pay protected by any other portion of Section 10 – Scheduling, and get paid for it, too.
If a F/A goes illegal through no fault of her/his own to originate an early morning trip because s/he didn’t receive legal rest, s/he would be pay protected for the trip, and could then pick up another trip departing the same day. S/he would receive the published value of the pay protected trip, as well as the value of the trip s/he picked up.
Q: Is it true that the LUS Flight Attendants will see an improvement to their duty rig?
A. Yes, the LUS flight attendants will adopt LAA’s 1 for 2 duty rig (the LUS Red Book is currently 1 for 2.25) 
Q. I’m LAA. Will l begin accruing more vacation with the T/A? Will I retain vacation at missed trips?
A. Yes, this is true beginning May 1, 2015, LAA will begin accruing more vacation to be taken with trips missed until the implementation of PBS.
Q: I heard we can cash out our sick banks when we retire. What is the rate? 
A: Per Section 26, FAs will now be paid out for remaining sick hours at a rate of $8.65 per hour. In other words, if an FA retires with a maxed out sick bank (1,500 hours with the new T/A), that bank can be cashed out for a total of $12,975.
Q: Is it true that the only obligation in this T/A for pay protection is that the company can split you back onto your original trip? 
A. Yes, the only option for crew schedule is to split you back on to your original trip. No more make-up obligation to be pay protected. Crew Schedule no longer has the option of giving you a trip that departs within 8 hours after the end of your originally scheduled trip, or flying you into a day off to protect your pay.
Q: Is it true that Flight Attendants will have more flexibility dropping trips?
A. Yes. The Electronic Trade Board (ETB) for drops, pickups, and trades will be available up until one hour prior to departure.  This is just one more way to mitigate trouble commuting, or last minute personal commitments. 
Additionally, Reserves will be able to ‘drop’ company assigned future OR daily trips on the ETB for added flexibility when serving a Reserve month.
Q: I heard that Deadheading is improved for LAA Flight Attendants in the Tentative Agreement?
A. Yes, deadheading is now full pay and credit and based on the greater of actual flight time or scheduled block time. Also, if you choose to waive your deadhead you no longer need to be released by Crew Schedule to do so.  Per diem and duty rig will also continue to follow the sequence as if the Flight Attendant had flown the sequence.
T/A Info
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