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Joint Negotiating Committee Update – Benefits of the T/A For New Hires

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Tentative Agreement Benefits for New Hire Flight Attendants

Significant Pay Increases: In addition to accelerated movement through the new compressed wage scale, new hire Flight Attendants will see significant increases in their pay:

  • For example, LAA new hires would receive $7,619 more pay over the term of the T/A than under the current LAA Agreement.
  • LUS new hires would see $11,189 more pay over the term of the T/A than under the current LUS Agreement.
  • Combined with step progression, a new hire’s hourly rate will increase over the term of the agreement from $23.28 to $38.14 by the conclusion of the contract, an increase of $14.86 per hour (or 64%).
  • A compressed pay scale from the current 15-year progression to a 13-year progression, which means FAs will reach the top pay step two years sooner.
  • A vastly improved Reserve system, which allows for trip selections, increased earning potential for Reserves, eliminates moveable days, and limits management’s ability to fly a Reserve into her/his day off.
  • Maintains strong work rules and pay protections which will benefit new hires throughout their careers. A combined contract will open up new bases and exciting opportunities for international flying.
  • More paid positions (lead and galley) increase the opportunity for junior Flight Attendants to hold premium positions.

Reading the pay scale: To read the pay scale you must zigzag through the pay scale. Each year on your anniversary date you move down the pay scale and every December you move across the pay scale.  That means you get two increases each year. 
Example: A New Hire with a hire date of August 1, 2014, will receive a pay increase on December 2, 2014, to $23.28. Then on her/his anniversary date of August 1, 2015, s/he will receive another increase to $24.69 and another increase on December 2, 2105, etc. By the end of the contract, s/he will receive ten increases to get to a rate of $38.14.

Rotating Reserve: The Company has agreed that Flight Attendants hired prior to date of signing will be grandfathered for purpose of the new rotating Reserve system. Upon implementation of the new rotating Reserve language, any Flight Attendant hired prior to date of ratification will only serve the one on/one off rotation for a maximum of three years as opposed to the four years in the T/A and no such Reserve will sit straight Reserve at that time.

Furlough Protection: The T/A includes important provisions to protect junior Flight Attendants from furlough. LUS Flight Attendants will continue to be covered under the language in the US Airways contract stating that the implementation of PBS cannot cause furloughs. This language is unchanged from the US Airways agreement and will govern the February 2015 implementation of PBS on the LUS side. This is in addition to the protection provided in the next paragraph.
Additionally all Flight Attendants hired prior to Date of Ratification will not be furloughed due to scheduling efficiencies including PBS implementation. This protection extends for 12 months after implementation of PBS at all bases (projected 2017).
Grandfathering: Flight Attendants hired prior to the date of ratification are grandfathered for several purposes including LUS FAs who would stay under the current medical plans for 2015, the Reserve grandfathering discussed previously, and the LAA Flight Attendants who will be red-circled for purposes of vacation (meaning no Flight Attendant hired prior to date of signing will see a reduction in the number of vacation days). ‘Hired prior to Date of Ratification’ is defined as any Flight Attendant who has a first date of training prior to the Date of Ratification.
Improvements on Days Off/Flex Days: Reserve days off are improved under the T/A. LUS Flight Attendants will receive an additional day off increasing the number to 12.
LAA Flight Attendants will see significant improvements in days off with the implementation of Golden Days and Flexible Days. Under the current LAA system, one day can be moved in advance and on the other days crew scheduling can fly Reserves into their days off with minimal restrictions on assignments.
Under the T/A, none of the days can be moved in advance. Eight of the days are Golden meaning a Flight Attendant cannot be assigned a trip into a Golden day, an improvement on current situation at LAA. Finally, four of the days are Flex days meaning these are the only days into which a Flight Attendant can be assigned flying but only under a strict order of assignment unlike the current rules at LAA. Also, if a Reserve is assigned or flown into a Flex day, the Reserve will receive the rest of that day off, plus another calendar day in the month, unlike the current AA contract that would just extend the 24 off into the next Reserve day.

In Unity,
Your Joint Negotiating Committee

T/A Info
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In Unity,
Your Joint Negotiating Committee

Balloting Information
Balloting on the T/A continues and votes will be counted on Sunday, November 9, 2014, at 10:00 a.m. Central. 
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